LittleBigPlanet boasts 6 million levels made, 2.5 million for LittleBigPlanet 2

SystemLink: "This week a year ago, Media Molecule launched LittleBigPlanet 2 from a homemade space-rocket into the fluffy stratosphere of creative cuteness. To celebrate the milestone, they've updated fans via Twitter on just how the Devil has used your idle thumbs."

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SystemLink_Simon2376d ago

Proud to say that 2 of those 6 million belong to me! :)

Kakihara2376d ago

You've made 2 million levels?? That's pretty impressive, I've been trying to make one since the first game came out and still haven't made anything worth uploading.

SystemLink_Simon2376d ago

What can I say? I'm a workaholic ;)

Imagine if I did actually mean 2 million. I'd love to have that much time for games!

GarandShooter2376d ago

Lol, enough time? You'd need several lifetimes! But if you find a way to make that work, please share with us, my friend!

CarlitoBrigante2376d ago

LBP2 was one of the best games of 2011, bring on LBP3 please!

ginsunuva2376d ago

On ps4 in 3d. Not glasses-3d, but three dimensional world.

iamnsuperman2376d ago

I made on for LBP. It wasn't spectacular as some of the levels are. This makes me want to go and make a few for LBP2 for some reason

yna2376d ago

I always wanted to make a level based on the Uncharted series, with ruins, water, sand , etc... platforming

whitezagetsu712376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

LBP2 is a great game in all but the community makes the game suck the whole community is made of idiotic kids, teenagers, and adults who think its fun to bully players and bash on levels that some people worked hard to create .and media molecule or whoever watches over the community just sits there and do nothing but advertise LBPCENTRAL, and overpriced DLC and whats up with "COOL PAGES" it does nothing but make levels that are popular more popular and in some cases what is popular isnt "COOL" like the 1,000,236 angry birds bomb survival levels , or the 3,000,058 mortal kombat BIG BOT levels.

ginsunuva2376d ago

What game are you playing? We're talking about LBP2 here.

whitezagetsu712376d ago

obviously you haven't been on LBP2 in awhile or haven't actually played the game cause then you would know what game im talking about , but who am I kidding your probably apart of that idiotic community im talking about

FriedGoat2376d ago

So true, The rubbish displayed on cool pages is rediculous. Where people like me who actually put effort in get no players. Check these out if you like good levels, (the cowboy and pinball)
I just realised someones publsihed my level again, i will get rid of it.

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