Devil May Cry 4 started life on PC, not PS3

It's time to lay some truth down about Devil May Cry 4. Although it was originally planned as a PS3 exclusive, some may find it startling that development wasn't even started using any PS3-related equipment. Development began and grew using a PC engine.

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Violater3939d ago

Gaming news is slow this time of year, so all the sites are scrambling.
How about this, lets talk about the GAMES themselves, I know I know crazy idea huh

Multigamer3939d ago

look at the fan girls trying to report this story

MK_Red3939d ago

If PC was the start, then why was the game first footage shown and demo was on PS3? And why they haven't shown a single bit of PC version? Rather strange.

RadientFlux3939d ago

I remember reading that every Capcom game (this generation) starts the development process on a PC and then moved over to the selected console.

BenzMoney3939d ago

Remember not more than 18 months ago - lots of developers were still having problems getting PS3 dev kits from Sony. Capcom knew they were going to make DMC4, so maybe they felt like getting a jump start on it by beginning development on PC to port later to PS3. This doesn't sound suspicious or unreasonable to me at all.

Just because the "PC Version" wasn't shown, doesn't mean this isn't true. A game can start development on a PC with no intention of it actually ever being a PC game - particularly if the developer doesn't have ready access to dev kits yet.

MK_Red3939d ago

Thanks for the comments and info :)
Still, If Capcom indeed starts on PC, why didn't they:
1.Make Dead Rising for PC? (Unlike DMC4 and Lost Planet)
2.Why haven't they shown anything from it? (All videos and previews are from PS3 and 360 versions)

BenzMoney3939d ago I said - they might not have been planning to release the game on PC at all. They might have just *started* development there while waiting for the dev kits so they could then resume development on PS3 and other consoles.

To be clear, I'll repeat myself - they may have just STARTED development on PC with *no intention* of ever releasing a final version on PC, but just to get a head start so they had something to port over to the consoles when it became feasible to do so (ie: when they got their dev kits). At that point in time, development on PC would've stopped.

Makes perfect sense to me.

jackdoe3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

That's pretty much all developement. Start on the PC and then move it over to console. Squeenix's white engine did the same thing. It was months ago that Squeenix finally brought over the engine to the PS3.

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predator3939d ago

all i know is this game is gona kick ass on both formats.

SIX3939d ago

Then I think it can be said that it started on the 360 because designing on a PC is identical to designing on the 360.

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