Five Developers That Need To Vindicate Themselves This Year

"All game developers, be it big or small, popular or not, face highs and lows. And all developers, no matter if they created some of the best games out there, face lows. It might be because they bad mouthed some other devs, or said something outrageous. It might be because they made just one game that wasn’t up to everyone’s expectations. Or maybe they’ve not really been at the top of their game recently. In this list, we have listed five such developers who need to vindicate themselves and prove to everybody that they’re better than what everyone thinks."

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Dlacy13g2345d ago

Bioware seems like a reach... 1 bad game hardly feels like they need to "Vindicate" themselves.

Id Software - totally agree on this one. Rage was actually pretty good but far from the game we all thought it would be. And Id's last titles prior to weren't exactly setting the world on fire either.

343? far they have made a competant HD remake in Halo Aniv. Their track record so far is pretty unblemished but also rather short. So I don't think they need to vindicate themselves but certainly they need to be successful out of the gate given the legacy they are following.

Gearbox? again disagree... Gearbox has had it success and failures over the years. They are an up and down developer if you ask me but I have come to expect that from them. So what they produce on a whole meets my expectations from them.

Treyarch ... at first I disagree'd but then I thought about it and really they do. Mostly due to the perception of being team B that not only the public but Activision has all but labeled them. They are the "we can do that too" developer which is a bit unfair to them... but it is what it is.

I think you could make a case for any number of developers in this realm and how they need to step it up or follow up one hit success. I mean how about Rocksteady Games? Batman Arkham Assylum was great...Arkham City, is good but not quite as great...can they create the same success on something other than Batman?