Pocket-lint chats with Sony: Paramount will come back to Blu-ray camp

As the Blu-ray camp celebrates the sale of the millionth Blu-ray disc movie, Pocket-lint chats to Rachel Banin, product manager of the home video business group at Sony to get an industry insider's perspective of what this means for the format war as a whole, and her thoughts on the future for Blu-ray and HD DVD, including an interesting take on Paramount's current stance.

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green3871d ago

I think N4G will be a much better site if news concerning BLUE-RAY or HD-DVD is never released until the victor has been truly decided.

This site is NEWS 4 GAMERS not NEWS 4 HD.I think the contributors should stop approving these stories.

crazy250003871d ago

though, especially for ps3 owners, all i use is blu-ray and i know other ps3 users use blu ray

i bought the ps3 to use as a full entertainment system, games, movies, music...etc

unlimited3871d ago

PS3 have Blu-Ray and its used for movies and GAMES!! so it matters to everyone who have the PS3. Also it matter to xbox fanboys that buy a hddvd player add on....I hope the success of Blu ray player mean more exclusive games for us..

marinelife93871d ago

I'm a gamer and I personally like to be kept up to date on the format war. There are a lot of articles in N4G that I just ignore when I'm not interested. I don't have time to read every article anyway.

PS3PCFTW3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

its important to many people

DRUDOG3870d ago

If you don't want to know about it, then don't click the link. It's not hurting anybody to have this information on N4G and it certainly applies to owners of PS3. Bottom line: if you don't care, than don't read it.

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UnblessedSoul3871d ago

When Warner goes blu-ray the war will end and bluray will be the winning format

pwnsause3871d ago

I think its becoming more and more clear that Warner will go blu, just the fact that Sony is this confident that Paramount will come back to blu-ray, just makes me think, is this a hint that they are going jump ship sooner than expected again cause of the Warner Exclusivity?

MK_Red3871d ago

It would be really fun to watch if Paramount decides to go back to PS3 and at the same time WB become Blu exclusive. I predict HD-DVD and Toshiba will perform harakiri if that happens.

ironwolf3871d ago

Say your a studio boss and you want to sell a version of your movies to the owners of one of two mutually exclusive machines.

Do you pick the player that only plays movies and is bought by adults who want it in order to play movies and has a lower price and faster growth rate , or do you pick the player that 90% plus of the world considers to be a children's toy and is owned primarily by unemployed children?

I would think the choice should be obvious to anyone with a business sense; or a lab rat; or maybe even a fanboy.

MK_Red3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

So these are the unemployed children that help Blu-ray software outsell HD-DVD 3:1? And so, Sony, Disney, Fox, MGM and few others have no business sense and are dumber than lab rats(In your opinon)?

titntin3871d ago

The article plainly states that worldwide Blu ray outsells HD DVD by a factor of 4 to 1.

When Warner look at their sales records, they will see that the same movies on bluray, sell many more units than their HD DVD equivilents.
Thats surely the largest ecconomic consideration?

Hoho! Unemployed children? Oh come on... you are the kind of troll thats been bemoaning how unbelievabley expensive the PS3 was, yet you expect people to swallow that line! :)
However you look at it, a million blu ray titles sold is good buisness, and the PS3 has started shifting in greater numbers world wide, so the rate of sales will be ever increasing.

If warner wish to make a choice for the future at all (and I'm not so sure they will), then it would surely be in the blu camp.
Suits m,e as I have all the machines, and the PS3 is a fine blu ray player. Don't want to have to cough up for a seperate HD movie machine!

crunchie1013871d ago

Do you release your film on a format that will sell 100,000 copies, or 200,000 copies??

razer3871d ago

To all those replying to this comment..

I think the same thing can be said about game developers. And who has the largest sell thru of games?? I think these dev's need to go exclusive to the console that sells the most games according to this logic..

But I bet you don't agree with that.

PS3PCFTW3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

well GAYsir, if that the case you can keep ea, ubisoft and all the other 95% of american companies which dont innovate their respective genres.

there goes your comment, right out the freaking window.......just like a 360 rrod's. useless

you were so pro hddvd before, what happened? i think your last prohddvd comment was about transformers or sumthin, NOW its not looking too good huh?

see the difference between you xbots and sony fans? we stand by our quality products, we know the outcome will be in our favor. next time think twice before you decide to "jump in".

*8.1: youre retarded, now stFU.

mralexander3870d ago

I would choose the winning format.

Currently Blu-ray is in the lead and all sources point to it being so. Now besides that the majority of the players are "children toys," it still does not change the fact that there are more blu-ray capable players than HD-DVD players currently on the market.

With all these facts in mind, blu-ray will be the obvious choice.

Your point of view is too one-sided, all studios aim to have a single format. If one option has a better potential in upgradeable content, it'll be the better choice to invest for the future.

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