Speilberg and EA to reveal project at GDC

Following the announcement of the collaboration between Electronic Arts and movie director Steven Spielberg in 2005, which has seen the pair joining forces to create three new videogames, both parties are set to unveil further details on what they've been up to at next year's Games Development Conference in San Francisco.

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lynx1halo3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

So maybe a Great Story Line from Steven Spielberg, but still a crappy game because EA's touched it


Very Much Agreed

DEADEND3869d ago

Maybe in 2008 they will get their sh1t together and stop making bad ports for the PS3, take a look at BURNOUT it looks and runs great on the PS3. Maybe they will start developing first on the PS3 from now on for all their games, but that could be wishful thinking seeing as EA is so cheap and lazy.

DarkSniper3869d ago

With Hollywood and big budget films, the only viable platform is the PLAYSTATION 3® Home Entertainment console. With games such as Uncharted:Drake's Fortune and Heavenly Sword, the PLAYSTATION 3® is the only console where you can get the latest blockbuster titles.

Therefore it only makes sense that Oscar award winning director Steven Spielberg bring his full vision exclusive to the PLAYSTATION 3®.


name3869d ago

This game won't be nearly as good as the Square enix + Disney combination. Kingdom hearts :)

actas1233869d ago

I really and for the life of mine don't know how EA is still in business.. Have they ever made a "great" game? just wondering...

name3869d ago

Man, just stop. You're like bizzaro Zhuk.

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