Jimquisition: Limited Collector's Complete Edition

The heroic Jim Sterling is back once again to champion the rights of those too weak to champion themselves, and bask in the very palpable gratitude that he most assuredly deserves. This week, he describes how the game industry is tying a noose around its own neck while trying to blame everybody else for its problems. Sterling is pretty brilliant, really.

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coolbeans2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

This is perfect timing for a situation I ran into with a friend. LA Noire is one of my friends fav. games of this generation, a game he paid $60 new and purchased the Rockstar Pass for all of the DLC (which was probably another 10-20 dollars, given how much DLC there is). We're scanning a few game prices at Gamestop and we notice LA Noire Complete Edition is being sold for $50 only 6 months after it was initially released. Hilariously enough, he laconically stated "Get it!" while I said "I'll wait for it to go down in price."

This is someone who's effing loyal to the game [possibly series] and comes off feeling treated like a "beta tester" for only purchasing it a few months early. The term "buyer beware" couldn't ring more true in the current video game market.

BillytheAlien2252d ago

I do agree with Collectors Editions for a game which etheir havent had time to grab a fanbase since it's a new IP or if the game is crap anyway (Two World 2 for example)

There is one thing which bugs me about CE, the people who can't afford one moaning about them, then saying something like "I hate CE", "Whats the point in them" or "CE are a waste of money". Don't like it.....don't buy it, but people including myself love CE, if you love the franchise then buy it...unless it's a rip off. Least most of them in the future will be worth something, we all know there are so wacky collectors out there who would pay a ton for something they don't have, or you could sell each part of the CE seperate. For example I accidently bought two Assassins Creed Brotherhood Codex editions and I was gutted that I payed another 69.99 for a second one. I then sold the codex book 3 months later on ebay and it went for £150.......and that was just the codex book

gigreen2252d ago

The most pointless collector's editions are those for games like Call of Duty.

I can understand people who collect JRPGs but CoD, really? This isn't exactly a series which will ever become rare or sought after.