10 Of The Most Hilarious Video Game Memes Of 2011

"Internet themes are a most unusual phenomenon. With the meme only establishing itself as a cultural artifact over the past few years, it's impressive that so many memorable memes are centered around gaming. There are plenty of lists that deal with the best memes of the past, but few have dealt with recent gaming related memes. Here are the best memes that have spread and become accepted over the course of 2011 (even if they are based on subjects and events from earlier.)"

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Tanir2376d ago

that Moronic arrow to the knee one better not be on the list....though its 100% probably on there -_-, even Over 9000 is funnier and i hate that

helghast1022376d ago

It was the very first one.

SnowBlu2375d ago

the shame!!

it burns my eyes

Pushagree2375d ago

Arrow to the knee is the greatest meme of all time.

bruddahmanmatt2375d ago

So that you guys aren't forced to waste your time and give hits to such a loser site, here's what's on the list:

10. "Arrow To The Knee"
9. "I'm Commander Shepard"
8. "Typics College Student"
7. "The Grass Feels Like Pants"
6. "The E3 Bear"
5. "Screw You Fuel"
4. "Ah yes, Reapers"
3. "Assuming Direct Control"
2. "The Gaming Gopher"
1. "Why it's Called the Xbox 360"

"Wombo Combo" is better than all of that garbage. FAIL

Fylus2375d ago

@Brud, yeah, I haven't even heard of any of them apart from the infamous arrow to the knee one. Am I just out of the loop these days or are none of these actually funny?

SilentNegotiator2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

"Why it's Called the Xbox 360"

Because you turn 360 degrees.....then moonwalk. See? It works. lol

Kevin ButIer2375d ago

That Gopher is amazing everytime I read one of its memes its like... i did that.... i did that ohhh god so trueeee

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acemonkey2376d ago

yup that is gettin old....every were u go somebody is editing what u say and be like arrow to my knee or whatever...come on people its really not funny at all

DragonKnight2375d ago

I used to think the meme was old... and I was right. HA!

justpassinggas2375d ago

Hey, just because it has been overdone to death does not mean it wasn't funny when it first began. I laughed the first few times I read that meme online.

Rainstorm812375d ago

The first time i came across it, i was on you tube and it caught me off guard....but after the 50th time not even a smerk

Fylus2375d ago

Agreed. I found it funny a few times when it had just begun but then it just... yeah...

Then a month later I saw a hilarious picture on that referenced the joke and I couldn't stop laughing at it. But no more after that.

Perjoss2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

Is it just me, or were they all totally rubbish?

edit: and shame on me for loading 10 separate pages just to see if eventually one of them would be funny :(

Krew_922375d ago

That's the first thing I thought of when I read the title of the article. Oh how unfunny that "meme" and "joke" is.

StraightPath2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

refusing to click 10 times, i hate gaming bolt articles.

DrJones2375d ago

Arrow to the knee is epic.

Aloren2375d ago

I used to think it was epic, but then ... ;)

NarooN2375d ago

"Arrow to the knee" is officially the DUMBEST meme I've ever witnessed, it wasn't funny in any shape or form, so I dunno how it caught on. That dumbass meme is in every youtube video's comment section, but what can you expect from youtube commentators anyway, lol.

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trikster402376d ago

Hm. If those are the "most hilarious" ones, then I must have lost my sense of humor somewhere.

Kleptic2376d ago

yeah for some reason i clicked through all of them...

I guess i'm just getting older...not one of those was remotely funny...

internet douchy'ness is reaching all time highs anyway, so i guess i'm not surprised...forums USED to be funny, now its nothing but arrow to the knee bs or 'umadbro' stuff...constantly used out of context...and never funny...

its like every anonymous internet user has morphed into joe rogan...

Krew_922375d ago

I agree. I didn't laugh at any of these. I'm easy to make laugh, it seems as gamingbolt just picked an atrocious array of pictures.

Like the arrow to the knee in Skyrim. It's not even the original dialogue, It's some Lord of the Rings drivel.

Oh well.

Fylus2375d ago

The Real Meme Starts Here.

Limitedsphere2375d ago

That is so much funnier than most of these on the "all time" hilarious list!

-Gespenst-2376d ago

I have to say though, this was honestly the first time I'd seen the Shepard one. Hehe, it's pretty funny.

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