Opinion: Chasing Amy – Why The Lack Of Major Horror Games Is A Tragedy

The immense sense of disappointment following Amy’s critical savaging has highlighted the ongoing frustration felt by neglected survival-horror fans. Similarly aggrieved, Mark Butler argues that the current lack of mainstream horror games is not just infuriating – but downright tragic.

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gigreen2257d ago

With The Last Of Us, Silent Hill Downpour and the HD collection coming up, it actually ain't looking too bad. I'm hoping for these games to succeed so more devs will jump on the bandwagon. Who knows, maybe a new Resident Evil will be announced at E3.

Until then I play Fatal Frame PS2 which I backtracked a copy of to recover from the shock that was AMY. And damn, it's a pretty awesome game!

shodan742257d ago

Well, The Last Of Us doesn't sound as though it will be a full-on horror game as such, and obviously the Silent Hill HD collection does not consist of original games. But I really hope that Downpour is a strong psychological-horror title. Homecoming was a real mis-step.

roadkillers2257d ago

When I clicked on this I was thinking the Kevin Smith movie, but no... just Amy.

s45gr322256d ago

Yeah the person that wrote this article is right. Is a shame really that there isn't enough true survival horror games not action games with horror themes. The last of us could either end up like dead space or it could go like Amnesia Dark Descent. Most likely will end up like dead space. Its a genre that I still don't get why game developers or publishers are not exploring. Now Dead Island can get scary sometimes umm but it can be funny depending with who you are playing................

Run_bare2256d ago

I agree with the article, is just soo true that I purchase "Amy" because the lack of horror games. Amy is disappointing, just have to wait for Silent Hill Downpour in March.

I wish TECMO listen to us and revisit Fatal Frame series.