Colorado Church Shooter Wasn't Allowed to Play Video Games By His Parents

Matthew Murray, who killed four people and wounded several others during a pair of horrific church shootings over the weekend, apparently wasn't permitted to play video games while growing up.

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MK_Red3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

In your face Jack Thompson.
While I feel sorry for the victims, it's really good news against those game haters.
Take that JT, Arnold, Hillary, Senator L and others. This shooter WASN'T allowed to play games thanks to his stupid parents. What are you going to blame now? Polution!?

UPDATE: Sadly he did play games a bit. I bet Jack Thompson will come out with a new strategy and twist this story in his favor somehow. He might say that if the kid had played more games, he would have killed more people including his parents.

BloodySinner3903d ago

Jack Thompson is an asshole, we all know this.

MK_Red3903d ago

True. He twists and abuses everything to fight games. He even used 9/11 to justify his crusade against games which is beyond shamefull and wrong.
Wonder how he will twist this one in his own advantage.

V2oom3903d ago ShowReplies(2)
ShiftyLookingCow3903d ago

I wont be surprised if Adam plunged his tooth into the forbidden fruit because of computer games!

MK_Red3903d ago

lol, Good one. Bubbles for you :)
That is definitly what's written in Jack Thompson's bible.

ravinash3903d ago

Access to guns and gun culture in the US.

Tranz3903d ago

Hey leave my guns alone! Guns don't kill people... crazy people do...

ry-guy3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

No, of course not. The rest of the world's anti-gun culture is really preventing those random shootings.

Just like in Finland. *gasp!*

I feel much safer in my home with a pistol than I do without one in the home. At least I know I have a chance of defending myself and my loved ones from stupid tripped out cocaine addict or drunk-ass 8th year senior who thinks he owns the world.

Also there is a fundamental reason why our consitution provides us with the second amendment. It gives us the right to protect ourselves against the government. That was one of the beefs for the Revolutionary War. The English Monarchs would only allow military personal to use guns so they could control the people with maximum force. Now when your people are armed, you have to think again about using force against them.

actas1233903d ago

This is another proof that video games are not reason for this kind of shootings, its simply gun control. They should not have allowed this kid to posses a fire arm. That is just wrong.

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The story is too old to be commented.