First Look: PlayStation Vita (Part Three) (GodisaGeek)

GodisaGeek: "Welcome back to First Look. Yesterday we showed you some glorious footage of the PlayStation Vita in action. Well as promised, we have part three of our Vita footage for you – our lovely readers – to enjoy.

This HD video footage shows off the PlayStation Vita and our UK Editor Adam Cook once again takes the reigns to show you the size of the new console and comparing its size to other devices such as the iPhone 4 and Nintendo 3DS."

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Antholex2349d ago

The more I see the PS Vita in action, the more I want one.

Kurisu2349d ago

Same! I have all my money ready and waiting! If Sony released it tomorrow then I would be in town ready to buy it quicker than you could say Vita! xD

Antholex2349d ago

I keep trying to think of ways to make some money so I can afford one. So far it isn't working.

matey2349d ago

the more i see of Vita the more i realize that Sony havn't a clue on making new consoles better than the previous ones i think Vita is rubbish 3DS all the way better system better games better multimedia ie 3D video playbk ect and eshop is a success end of and demo's are on the way as well as Netflix UK and 3D youtube is all on the way spotpass/streetpass are amazing and Mariokart7 online is the best online racer on any console see CVG review.

Kurisu2349d ago

*Sigh*, there's always one. One bubble, that is.

klecser2349d ago

Touche. I wish the bubble system existed on more websites.

blumatt2348d ago

Yeah, I just wish eventually they would go down to ZERO bubbles, so they'd be gone completely. lol

klecser2349d ago

I am a 3DS fan, but I also don't think this is a fair analysis of Vita. Vita is a different experience than 3DS and if other people like that, that is their own call, not yours. None of the things you mention inherently make 3DS better. Instead of chastising Vita owners, 3DS owners should be excited for them and the fact that competition exists. I won't be buying a Vita, but I respect the right of Sony fans to play the games they want on the systems they want. I'd also appreciate it, matey, if you'd stop making 3DS owners look bad by posting hate against the Vita. You're two seconds from getting on my ignore/block list.

JebusF2349d ago

I love the 3DS, but I don't see the Vita as direct competition, they both offer very different experiences.

Snookies122348d ago

Thank you... Someone with some common sense! Great to hear you're at least tolerant of other consoles/handhelds. It is sheer stupidity to hate a console/handheld when you're a GAMER. It's all game related, why hate on Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo, or any of the systems they make? They give us choices as to what we want to play and how we want to play it. It also drives the industry by means of competition.

Blah, anyway... I will be getting Vita day one, the more video reviews I see, the better it seems. I honestly wish I had enough to buy both handhelds though, as the 3DS is looking more and more appealing every day. D:

AscendantX2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

@ matey
Why dont you do us all a favour and SHUT THE FUCK UP.
I realise that i'm going to lose a bubble now but it's worth it IMO.

Snookies122348d ago

Hah, gave you a bubble for that! XD

saint_seya2348d ago

same, gave u a bubble too... ik isnt right telling others to stfu but in this particular case...
hope vita gets great games and also de 3ds, cause at the end, with the two consoles competing by owr money, we get great games, prices and well we are the winners.

spongeboob2349d ago

the more i see of 3DS the more i realize that Nintendo havn't a clue on making new consoles better than the previous ones i think 3DS is rubbish Vita all the way better system better games better multimedia ie video/MP3 playback ect and PSN Store is a success end of and demo's are here and Netflix and youtube is all on the way also Near are amazing. Mariokart played it on the SNES and it hasn't changed since.

Plus the 5inch OLED screen is the size of the whole top panal of the 3DS and it is 2 times the resolution and crystal clear. Plus you get all that horsepower and 40% more battery life then the 3DS.
Something tells me that the 3DS kiddies feel threatened by the superior VITA. Just go play your 3DS and GTFO of the Vita articles.

saint_seya2348d ago

Damn.. another one.. im a sony fan, but even so, i can see your comment as childish, even if is in reply to the other one..
This kind of comments makes us (gamers) look so bad :(

MasterCornholio2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

Oops double post.


MasterCornholio2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

Your an embarrassment to fans of Nintendo. When someone claims that Nintendo fans are stupid and immature they always use you as an example.

Anyways back in topic. The Vita looks great and I am absolutely amazed by its screen. I can't wait to get my hands on one.

Edit: Actually I am pretty impressed that the journalist claims that the Vita is the most comfortable handheld to hold. I was expecting it to be the the 3DS due to Nintendo's experience with handhelds but it looks like Sony has the upper hand when it comes to ergonomics and hardware design.


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smashcrashbash2349d ago

That is one sweet screen. So clear and responsive. *rubs computer screen* 'Must have VITA. Need cash. Start saving now'

JebusF2349d ago

It really is a gorgeous screen. The whole device screams quality from that video.

MadWindy2349d ago

It certainly is a lovely device. I'm gonna break and buy one if i can afford it :S

h311rais3r2348d ago

to start with one u will probably dish out around 500 for it! (the vita, a decent sized card and a few games and a case)! ill wait till price drops lol

Godchild10202348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

I paid 380 and got a game, a memory card and a case. 4GB is decent for me sense I don't plan on buying games from the PSN store and I don't plan on buying DLC for any of the games I buy. I have my phone for music and video, so no need for any of that on my Vita.

Oh, and that is just to start with.

It could be less for those that get the wifi only version, a 4 GB memory card and a game. That is if they plan on doing that same thing I'm doing.

h311rais3r2348d ago

id need a larger card than 4 gb. and more than 1 game. i always bounce between games cuz i get bored easy (still working on uncharted batman skyrim desus ex etc JUST finished gears 3) i try to play all games so if ur an avid gamer then the vita will cost i just bought a 6970....

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