New Disgaea 3 trailer

Ps3fanboy shows a new trailer.

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Darkiewonder3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

Let's look at the link carefully.

barom3933d ago

lol, it's probably a PSN game. I gotta agree though. It looks bad graphically (FF Tactics on PS1 looked better), but I think it's kinda like Street Fighter franchise. If people love the 2d style, why change it?

Darkiewonder3933d ago

No, it's a ps3 game. ;3

NIS changed everything in the game but the character sprite so you know it's still a disgaea game. Regardless of what they do to the game, they should never go and change the formular of the game itself ;3

Mr_Kuwabara3933d ago

I bought Afternoon of Darkness an the story was superb.

Disgaea> FF Tactics (I've played them both so yeah..)

Baba19063933d ago

lol did you see the power rangers there ? hahahaha nice. i loved the first disgaea. i hope this one is good.