The Best Xbox 360 Games You Didn't Play in 2011

The Controller Online writes: "2011 was such a big year for gaming that you’re to be forgiven if you didn’t play all of the games that came out this year. Just because you didn’t have time to check out every title 2011 had to offer doesn’t mean we didn’t. In fact, while you were taking it easy with Modern Warfare 3, or spending a month wandering the mountains of Skyrim, we were playing every damn thing that came down the pipe (on top of a ton of Skyrim and MW3, among others).

In our tireless quest to cover the vast majority of Xbox 360 releases this year we came across a few games that we think you may have overlooked, but should really take the time to play. Whether they were released at an unfortunate time, or you just didn’t think they were for you at the time, we think these gems of 2011 shouldn’t be missed."

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