Wii U to release in North America in February? WiiWare compatibility and demos confirmed

GameDynamo - "Here is what our source said:

"Around the end of the month or beginning of February, possibly around the same time as the Wii U comes out, we'll release the demo for the U.S. (the latest WiiWare games are compatible with the new Wii).""

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iamnsuperman2351d ago

Not being sold. It possible for the advertising for the Wii U to begin in late February because it needs to start soon. So when it says it could be at stores by late February I take that as the demos not being sold. Nintendo are not stupid to keep a console release hush hush when the main buyers from the Wii were the casual and are still potential can be exploited

user39039992351d ago

No confirm price
No confirm launch titles
No February relese

MariaHelFutura2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

Glad someone has a brain. Bubbles for having common sense.

Game4life2351d ago

yeah. feb release would be the dumbest thing that nintendo could do right now

dcbronco2351d ago

It wouldn't necessarily be stupid. Especially in the US. Late January early February would be just as people are receiving their income tax returns. A well priced Wii U($299) would be a big seller. Even with just a few titles. The Wii U will be much more powerful than most think.

Look at Amazon. There are several games that come out in early March that are also listed for the Wii U. That Zelda demo could have been more than just a demo. And they could keep new Mario games a secret. Also keep in mind the rumors of games from late '11 that were rumored to be coming to the Wii U.

Think about the rumored parts for the Wii'U. It's a souped-up 360. A Power7(released back in Jan. 2010) quad chip attached to an ATI video card. The Wii is an underpowered 360. So anything currently being made for the 360 could easily be ported to the Wii U.

Look at the list of games coming out for Wii U in the next few months on IGN. Imagine those games with several times the power of current gen systems. Also search previous articles on N4G and you will see that several developers have been working on Wii U games for over a year.

If it is released in the next few weeks, it would be a stroke of genius.

mamotte2351d ago

And no marketing
And no data

Tenkay232351d ago


Sorry i'm allergic to BS.

Nintendo has said many times we won't see the wii u until after E3. They also said it would debut their next fiscal year which starts April 1st. They also said they are debuting the final build at E3. The only reason I can see them releasing it early is because a bunch of third party games are coming out in March like ninja gaiden and mass effect 3.

kneon2351d ago

While I find it unlikely that they will release that early it could be that they have pushed up the release due to the Wii sales continuing to plummet. They did ok at Christmas but before and after that it's been awful.

GuruStarr782351d ago

Wow. The BS that gets approved here on N4G....

MariaHelFutura2351d ago

There is no reason it shouldn't be approved. But, that doesn't stop it from being stupid. It just make the writter and site look uneducated.

morkendo232351d ago

hope not all games be wiiware and FPS games.... like ps3 and 360 (FPS GAMES ONLY) more of SNES variety ON WII-U re-born some classic SNES games would be EXCELLENT.

ZeroWil2351d ago

FPS games only? Then I guess Arkham City, Skyrim, Bastion, etc. were developed incorrectly then.

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