Warhawk expansion dated

Sony has been in touch to say that Warhawk expansion pack Operation Omega Dawn will be released on PlayStation Network next Thursday, 20th December.

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Lucreto3875d ago

At least Europe is getting before Christmas. Thats the day I start my Christmas break. So I know what I will be going.

picker3323875d ago

Wondering how much it will cost?

LSDARBY3875d ago

Its £3.99 for UK, $7.99 for US

TheGamer3875d ago

He gets a disagree for telling him the price??

Lame retards!!!

DEADEND3875d ago

I can't wait to download this, I haven't played WARHAWK in a long time this will change that.

dabizo3875d ago

for 3.99 I will certainly pick this up :) Warhawk is such a cool game and this will add hours more fun.

SimmoUK3875d ago

great game great price for the expansion, me and my mates still play lots of this inbetween PES games, love the warhawk's...

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The story is too old to be commented.