Secrets of Skyward Sword: The Hyrulean Monarch

ZI writes: For years I've wanted to write an article on the Hyrulean Hierarchy. Not in the sense of the different races and their positions in Hyrulean society, but rather, the hierarchy within the Royal Family itself. I've wanted to write an article that could explain why exactly the Royal Family is always structured around the young Princess Zelda, reaching a conclusion on why Hyrule is often under Zelda's lone rule.

The reason such an article never came to fruition was simple. No matter how I looked at it, there was seemingly nothing to explain Zelda's role in the Royal Family. Sure, she is the series' titular character and The Minish Cap established that she contained a sacred power within her, but none of that ever explained why Zelda was always the very person the whole Kingdom was structured around.

It had to be penciled in as just another mystery of Zelda. Now, however - like so many other mysteries in The Legend of Zelda - Skyward Sword provides the long-sought answers.

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