Gran Turismo 5: Prologue Intro Video

Check out the introduction movie to Gran Turismo 5: Prologue on the PlayStation 3.

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Shadow Flare3905d ago

That is just insanely good. The graphics are like nothing else. Apart from real-life itself. Goes to show that the ps3 isn't just a little more powerful then the 360, its alot more powerful. Plus, 60fps, 1080p and ray-trace lighting elements. Incredible. Now you know what it means to Play B3yond

ddldave3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

Damn once again, Sony has proved themselves superior. Gran Turismo 5 is superior to Forza 2 in physics, simulation, graphics, and sound.

Gran Turismo 5 has better physics, graphics, and gameplay.

Gran Turismo is made by Japanese company. Forza is made by American company. Japanese people know their cars and they make better cars than Americans.

Gran Turismo sold over 10.5 million copies world wide.
Gran Turismo 2 sold over 9.37 million copies world wide.
Gran Turismo 3 sold over 14.87 million copies world wide.

In just 1 week after it's release, Gran Turismo 4 sold over 1 million copies alone in Japan.

Forza sold 1 million copies world wide.
Forza 2 has not reached 1 million copies sold world wide yet.

Gran Turismo has always been the better franchise and will remain the better franchise. Its realism and gameplay is just too superior to be compared to Forza, Need For Speed, or Project Gotham Racing.

Forza is made by American company, Gran Turismo is made by Japanese Company. Therefore Gran Turismo is JDM like Honda, Toyota, and Nissan. You can stick to Forza just like Ford, Chevy, and Pontiac. But no thanks, I'd rather stick to JDM.

Mr PS33904d ago

Its ok to cry
There's not a lot of christmas cheer on the horizon for the xbots!! 2008 is almost upon and the year ends on a high for the PS3 and its only gonna get better in 2008 !!
Suck it up xbots its over

sabbath4203904d ago

You people are sure insane. how long have you guys been waiting now? Better hope its worth the wait when it finally comes around. No dammage seems kind of lame though. Looks are not everything. Speaking of looks, how can you say "now you know what it means to play beyond" do you work directly for sony or what? You are still playing B3HIND in so many areas. You saw a video of a game that looks good. just a video.

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FirstknighT3905d ago

The graphics on this game is top notch. But you have to remember this game has been in development for around 5 years. But from the many gameplay clips I have seen it looks like it's just a pretty racer with zero physics and realism.

GT wins in graphics, Forza 2 wins in physics and realism.

Azures3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

You been under a rock? The physics and damage is there, Forza has nothing on it.

GT was challenged to raise the bar again with this installment and they did just that.

And development for 5 years? C'mon, it hasn't been under dev since 2002. Don't make yourself look stupid.

titntin3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

Way to troll dude! :)

Froza 2 is as dull as dishwater. I stopped playing it months ago.
Your Xbox sympathies are well known, but please, don't pretend you can say anything about the physics and handling of a racing game unless you've played it.

I haven't played this, but I do know that the game thats felt more realistic between cars and handling differneces has always been the GT series. I have 25 years of owning and driving real cars as an adult to compare it with.

Of course I haven't played this yet, so I cant definitively say it will be better than other titles in this regard. But I can say it looks better than any other car racing game thats gone before, and I fully EXPECT that the handling will be sublime.

Can't you find it your heart to admit that there may be just one title on a 'rival' machine thats a bit better than the alternitive you have?
Thats why I have all the machines. Some games are great on 360, some are great on PS3. I expect GT5 to be the benchmark for racing sims to come for many years - those glued to a 360 will just have to miss out and play the undoubted qulaity titles they have. The rest of us will play this and enjoy...

speed_demon3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

Just cuz you love your stupid last gen stupid box with your beloved RROD in the box too -- it doesn't mean you can throw in your biased opinion.

Listen clearly ---the PS3 will demolish the XBOX 360 in 2008 and beyond. The XBOX 360 had fun competing against no one for the first year it was released BUT its all over now OVERRRRRRRR!!!!!!

You can believe it or truly show your colours of ignorance to the world.

Happy Holidays.

P.S. Unreal Tournament 3 rules on the PS3.

P.S.S. Gran Turismo 5: Prologue will also rule on the PS3 exclusively.

EZCheez3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

What games nowadays haven't been in production for five years? How long have games like Too Human been in production? Almost all games are being worked on long before you hear about them and they all take time to make a good product. And I don't care how long it takes them to finish it because their quality of work obviously shows.

And I thought Forza sucked. It was the first game I played for the 360 and I laughed at it, seriously. I would rather watch trailers for GT5 than play FORZA.

P4KY B3904d ago

While i agree FirstknighT is only commenting here to annoy the PS3 fans.
He is partially correct. GT does have very smart graphics.

But for you to say "I do know that the game thats felt more realistic between cars and handling differneces has always been the GT series. I have 25 years of owning and driving real cars as an adult to compare it with." you are just embarrassing yourself.
(all your saying with that comment is that you've been driving 1.2 litre shopping trollys for 25 years)

I have all the GT games and they dont drive like real cars. That doesnt stop GT being a great game. But please dont try and say GT 1-4 are realistic because they are not. In terms of realism GT sits nicely between PGR and Forza, which means that it appeals to a wider audience and will rightfully sell millions of copies.
I myself intend on getting a PS3 just for this game.

I've worked in the motor industry for 13 years and have driven most cars on the road. e.g. exige, skyline, 911s, RS500 Cosworth, SLK55, Audi RS4, Pulsar GTiR and so on.

Quisp3904d ago

GT4 came out in Japan in Dec 2004. Thats 3 years ago.
THe other thing, how is it that people can claim that Forza 2 physics(I own both consoles, including Forza2 btw) are better than a product that isnt even out yet, to compare?

titntin3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

@ P4KY B

then we will have to agree to differ. I am not in the slightest bit embarressed and stand by my statement.

I can't say I have worked in the motor industry and have instead been a game developer for over 16 years. I obviously haven't had the oportunity of driving quite as many vehicles as yourself.
However, when the first GT was released, I was working at Bullfrog and many of my workmates had money to burn and were buying their favourite GT cars, which gave me opportunities to drive and test for myself:- Skylines, CRX's, Scoobies, DB7, RX7, viper etc. Yes there was a lot of money about as EA were buying us out.
As the years have gone by, I've enjoyed mainly german cars for myself and spent s lot of time and money on a racing spec Mk2 GTI. Now I've 'settled down' and favour BMW Coupe's and bit bit more oversteering rear wheel fun, but I still consider myself a real driver.

...and for the record, I've never driven a 1.2 shopping trolley.

So if you wish to claim you are the final arbiter of all things automative, be my guest. But I stand by my honestly stated opinion, thats shared by many, and refuse to accept arrogant flaming from a car mechanic xbot flamer.

P4KY B3904d ago

ok, no more hating.

If you've had a MK2 GTi (great car, I work for VWAG at slightly higher than mechanic level) and now have BMW coupes. How can you say that GT is realistic.

Drive your BMW then stick GT in your PS and try to do the same things. It doesn't work.

I have a race spec DC2 type r. And i have made fine adjustments to a DC2s braces, tyre pressures etc in the game then done the same thing to my real car. The results were the same. Which surprised me! I didn't believe Forza was that accurate until i put it to the test myself.
I have tried to do it in GT and it doesn't work.

So I am talking from experience.

The only part of Forza that fails is the sound. It sounds nothing like it should.

Maybe GT5 will be different from the previous 4 and become ultra realistic, but is that something that GT fans would like?

Its funny to watch a GT fan play Forza and slide off at every corner.
Maybe thats why there are more young drives crashing on our roads.

I will be buying GT5 and a PS3 as i love all driving games, and the Top Gear track will be awesome.

Too many people are making sweeping statements on the superiority of games that are not even out yet.

sonarus3904d ago

have you played forza and GT prologue. i have played forza 2 and GT prologue demo and i can tell you there have been huge improvements in the GT physics engine. I wouldnt say its better than forza cus how would you really judge that but both have really good physics which forza always did but GT improved its physics frm GT4 significantly. I used to be more into games like project gotham till i played GT4 now the only arcade racer i can stand is burnout.
GT 5 prologue demo has already spoilt me i tried playing forza last night and the graphics were almost appaling plus no in car view mode wats the purpose of being a sim racer and buying a wheel for it without in car view.
I highly doubt GT5 has been in development for 5 yrs considering GT4 came out 3yrs ago in Japan but even if it took 5 yrs to acheive this kind of quality, forza best consider it.
I don't know if your a fan of driving games if you are, i highly recommend you find a friend with a playstation and find a way to get your hands on GT it really is like no other game. Only reason to own forza is if car damage is at the top of your list in that case you can hold on to forza till GT5 comes out with damage.

I knw you are a bit of a xbot too so i gotta give you respect for at least acknowledging how excellent GT looks try to play it to see if you still feel the same way about the physics

titntin3904d ago

Ok - no more insulting just becuase I hold a different opinion:) You are more than welcome to state a differnet opinion to me without me making any disparaging remarks, I'd appreciate the same courtesy!

'Its funny to watch a GT fan play Forza and slide off at every corner.'

I rather suspect most GT players have played the game in a default mode and not turned on the 'simulation' option. I'm sure you are aware that realism is only achieved when you actually switch this on? It would be amusing if you were judging a game without playing it in the 'realistic mode'!
However, the lengths that Polyphony and its MD have gone too , inorder to try and capture the real feel of each car, is legendary in the development world and well documented. You must know that many car journalists and reporters have paid homeage to these titles in that respect too.
You are welcome to assert that they have it completely wrong, but you have to acknowledge that many people believe the handling in GT is close to realism, even if your own experiences cause you to disagree.
My own feelings are not completely insane, and not out of sync with many other people who should know what they are talking about!:)

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LSDARBY3905d ago

Immense, i wanna play it so bad.

richie007bond3905d ago

The one and only reason i bought a ps3

HarryEtTubMan3904d ago

First of obviously dont have a PS3 in realITY because if you did u wouldnt be saying that.... only a XBOT you never see in the PS3 threads(besides trolling) and if you think this is the only reason for buying a Playstation are serisouly handicapped...I hope u understand this is coming at the end of year one on the PS3 imagine the games 3-9 years from now! PS3 for the win!

Fighter3905d ago

I can't play racing games without rumble and I'm glad it's coming back next year in time for this masterpiece. Does anyone know if The full game (GT 5) will be a simultaneous release or will it get delayed by a few months. I hope not but it looks that way.

Maddens Raiders3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

I can't play without my Driving Force Pro force feedback racing wheel from Logitech. Oh I can't wait to fire it up again and again and again.........see you on the track. ; )

jam93904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

GT5P is already supporting rumble on DS3. Actually, it is rumbling my DS3 here. So, even if GT5 is delayed, you can still play GT5P. :)

LOFT3163904d ago

The rumble pad is a welcome return believe me i got mine a few weeks ago and cant imagine game's without it now!! Uncharted is just that much better with the rumble and it will make the game's that are coming in 2008 that much more enjoyable

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