NGB: AMY Review

Despite showing some promise, AMY doesn’t particularly do anything well at all. Everything the survival horror genre is dependant on to make it engaging and exciting is either absent or implemented poorly. The game design itself feels neglected and lacks attention, whilst the atmosphere fails on pretty much every single level. It’s a shame that immersion and realism has been disgustingly traded off against clichéd gaming mechanics just for the sake of their inclusion. Even with the format and price in mind, AMY will only serve to frustrate and disappoint all but the most patient and forgiving patrons of the genre.

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Unlimax2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

Oh God ! .. All those AMY reviews are slap in the face !
I feel sorry for the developers :[ .

CynicalVision2379d ago

'I feel sorry for the developers'

Don't, they're the ones to blame for this wreck of a game.

NGB2379d ago

It's a shame to be honest, as the game had loads of potential prior to release. I know our writer wanted to like it, but in the end, found it way too hard to be positive at all.