Classic JRPG, Arc The Lad set to return in English

Great news for those patient and accommodating fans of Arc the Lad.
The guys over on the Official Playstation Blog have confirmed that the English-version emulation of the game has been completed and is set for re-release on January 18th in the PSone Classics, Imports section, on the EU PlayStation Network.

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kidnplay2255d ago

I very much like the way that digital distribution exposes gamers to a much wider range of titles, stories and ideas that, otherwise, they'd never get to experience. One of its major triumphs, I think.

360ICE2255d ago

The announcement of my dreams!
I mean it must be, since I can't remember using a simple waking moment thinking about it.
Looks ice though. And all that.

Megaman_nerd2255d ago

This game is not that good really. In fact all of the Arc the Lad games are pretty boring and the battle system is nothing more than a downgraded FF Tactics. To enjoy this series you need to be a huge fan of Strategy JRPG's and even then you could be playing better games like Valkyria Chronicles or Disgaea. ;)

coryok2255d ago

what i dont like about valkyria chronicles and disgaea is the simplified battle system, final fantasy tactics and arc the lad did it right, no team turns, each character gets a turn.

thats not to say that theyre bad games, just that the battle system they use is too simplified

Magnus2255d ago

I love Arc the Lad glad to see its coming over. I hope Sony will talk to Namco about bringing the Xenosaga seires to the PSN and I wish Sony would bring out one of their great RPG's I am sure there is a demand for Legend of Dragoon to see the PSN as well.

SystemLink_Simon2255d ago

Seeing the Legend of Dragoon on the PSN would make me very happy indeed!

Magnus2255d ago

Well Final Fantasy 7 is up there so another great rpg from the PS1 past would be nice as well

coryok2255d ago

the xenosaga series would be great, i wonder if nintendo can stop it because monolith soft is now one of their subsidiaries.

can namco bring it over to psn without the original developers?