Two New Zelda's in Development for Nintendo 3DS?

A new rumor has surfaced that Nintendo is currently hard at work creating two all new Zelda games for the Nintendo 3DS, much like Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages for GBA.

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fluffydelusions2374d ago

If true, I can picture sales skyrocketing.

Optical_Matrix2374d ago

As if they hadn't already. Between this (possibly), Animal Crossing and an inevitable Pokemon, the 3DS is doomed articles are looking mighty stupid right about now. Apparently the new Zelda games for 3DS won't be like Phantom Hourglass/Spirit Tracks in visual style so I'm looking forward to seeing what Nintendo does. I'm sure we'll find out at E3 in June.

Snookies122374d ago

The 3DS and Vita doom articles are all stupid. Neither handheld is doomed, they are both going to do fantastic. I have to admit, the 3DS is looking better and better with these games, but... I just don't have enough money to buy both handhelds. T_T

Colwyn2374d ago

Gaming intellectual properties xbox owns , handful
Intellectual properties playstation owns, a lot and the best
Intellectual properties Nintendo owns, way less

Nintendo hates new ips.

MattyG2374d ago

@Colwyn it's not that nintendo owns way less, there just isn't anything new.

BillytheAlien2374d ago

Sales or not

Dosen't anyone want to see them do more creative stuff instead of relying on Zelda....I mean two 3DS games.....really

Come on Nintendo

Slade2374d ago

tell that to millions of people

PCE2374d ago

I wouldn't mind but it's Nintendo. You cannot really expect them to do different. New IPs, good and bad, are all in the third parties with Nintendo systems.

Nugan2374d ago

Personally, I'd like more creative stuff AND a new Zelda.

These things are not mutually exclusive.

Taibo2372d ago

Personally I would like to see new Ips. Not saying Mario is getting boring or anything.

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SpitTake2374d ago


You are so freaking annoying, do you never get tired of trolling?

yabhero2374d ago

every single positive Nintendo article in the last 2 weeks... Ugh what a troll...

Taibo2372d ago

Its quite sad really...

JJOR642374d ago

Oracle Seasons and Ages were on GBC...

brettyd2374d ago

Of course, i feel like Nintendo is always developing a new Zelda game.

Slade2374d ago

if true this news would be brilliant............releasing 2 zelda's that are different on a system with an install base higher than any other nintendo portable at the same time?

they better get a money collecting truck

Samus HD2374d ago

if it's true . I can surely conclude that one is New and one Remake

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