Storm Generations: Naruto vs Sasuke, Pain, Masked Madara in Demo

CyberConnect2 has revealed that the January 24th Japanese demo will feature Naruto taking on Sasuke, Pain, and Masked Madara!

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RedDead2375d ago new characters then. New combat mechanics at least. And better characters than I was hoping for.

tayz2374d ago

i just want the demo to come out now. if they did that psn quore thing like 4 years ago id but that to get the demo early

tayz2374d ago

noo CaptainSheep you beat me!! :/

Simon_Brezhnev2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

Not sure if im getting this im losing interest in the whole Naruto series. The war is already boring. Not a single death on Naruto's side yet.

Can you reverse ultimate jutsus and throws in this game?

Would love for CyberConnect to do a One Piece or Bleach game like this. Naw, I'll rather Aksys do the One Piece fighting game.