The Unforgivable Annoyances of Skyward Sword

Gamasutra writes: I’m on the final dungeon of Skyward Sword, and rather than spend time collecting treasure and upgrading equipment, I’m doing my best to reach the credits and finally end this game. I had no idea after hearing so much praise for it that I would be so frustrated while playing it. The only game in the past year that has tested my patience as much as Skyward Sword is Dark Souls, except Zelda doesn’t offer any relief from the frustration. While ripe with many enjoyable experiences, there are some annoying elements of Skyward Sword that almost completely ruin the experience.

I couldn’t quite figure out why these things annoy me so much in this game compared to other Zelda games, as many of these things are Zelda staples. I believe the main reason is that before playing Zelda I had finished all of the other Game of the Year nominees, and going from playing those games to Zelda feels like a step backwards. Without going too far into Zelda’s design, I’ll just look at the ways Nintendo patronizes the player, which is really what got to me.

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Good read really makes you think about how far game design has come in the last two decades...pretty crazy stuff.

wumster2322d ago

I loved just about every 3D Zelda game minus this one. The article is right about the annoying beeps. But to me, what really pissed me off was that dousing crap.

Nintendo did a horrible job of implementing this element. In my OPINION, this was just something to pad the game, and it was a horrible element that I hope they will get rid of in the next Zelda.

Bimkoblerutso2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

Everything in this article is pretty accurate. I still enjoyed the game quite a bit, but I gotta admit, the Zelda "magic" is really starting to fade for me. The hand-holding in particular borderline ruined the game as far as I'm concerned.

And what's most frustrating is that it's not even a matter of Nintendo getting with the times. There have been unobtrusive ways of presenting information and teaching players to play since nearly the dawn of gaming. It's always been a minor annoyance in the franchise, but Skyward Sword REALLY pushed it into "insulting" territory. As in, even the youngest players would never need near this much hand-holding to successfully complete the game.

Pozzle2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

I definitely agree about the hand-holding. The first few hours were particularly painful because I felt like the game thought I was an idiot. It didn't help that I had played Majora's Mask just before Skyward Sword...and in MM you are literally thrust into the game within a couple of minutes. No hand-holding, no long dialogue sessions where characters teach you how to play the game, no pointless scenes where you have to 'train' or 'practice' or whatever. You just jump straight into the action and must fend for yourself.

Don't even get me started on Fi and her constant "here is a door. There is a 89% chance you need to open it" and "here is an enemy. There is a 92% chance you need to kill it" crap. Give me Navi any day!!

I really wish this game had come with different difficulty modes. Or at least the option to skip cutscenes/dialogue. I don't need to be told the same things OVER and OVER again).