No Xbox 720 E3 announcement planned "at the moment", claims Microsoft

Microsoft's senior director of marketing and PR Jose Pinero comments on Xbox 720 E3 rumors and Microsoft's plans - or lack of plans.

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TheSanchezDavid2230d ago

Personally, I don't want to see a new console from either Sony or Microsoft for a while. I still think both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 have a lot of juice left in them to stick around for a few more years.

EVILDEAD3602230d ago

E3 is in June and it would be silly to announce 720 or even intimate that from Microsoft.

People keep think that if they are announcing the console that it means they are launching that very minute.

The hardware won't be in stores until Fall/Holiday 2013.

But it's interesting that they are saying that the Live service is going to bring ALL content across all applications in the future.

That is actually pretty ambitious if they pull it off.


NYC_Gamer2230d ago

why not?you're not forced to buy the new hardware soon as it's released.many of us would enjoy some new hardware to play with.

Pushagree2230d ago

Like hell they still have juice. We havent seen any real updates to the firmwre from sony or MS in years. Games have been maxed out on each console and PC is starting to really get ahead graphically. We need new consoles by next year. There will be an announcement for ps4 and xbox 3 sometime this year no matter what the big companies tell you.

Next gen begins 2013. Mark my words. Ive been saying this for years.

mcstorm2230d ago

What is it with people wanting games to look better all the time. Just because a Game looks amazing dose not mean the game is any good.

Look at some of the best selling games this gen. Halo 3 Mario Kart COD. None of them are the best looking games in terms of graphics yet they sell millions because they are fun to play.

Games Like BF3 GoW3 Forza 4 GT5 UC2 and 3 all look amazing and unless your playing a game that is on a pc and console next to each other you wont notice the difference.

Both the 360 and PS3 are fine for another 12 to 18 months in terms of power. Yes pc games look better but there is also a cost to that.

Let the developers work out new ways to push the PS3 and 360 just like turn 10, Epic have done with the 360 and Like Pd and ND have done with the PS3.

Look at the best selling consoles over the last few gens. PS1 PS2 Wii Gameboy, GBA, DS. They were all the lest powerful console of there gen yet sold the most and had some amazing looking games on them. Lets keep this gen going alittle longer as the consoles offer more than they have ever before and the sales are still strong for both sony and ms in terms of consoles and games. Until there is a decline in this none of them will show off there new console.

TheSanchezDavid2230d ago

They still have juice. End of story.

Pushagree2230d ago

Spoken like someone who has thier mom buy their consoles for them.

Keep living in your fantasy land buddy. My ps3 is aging and fast.

lifesanrpg2230d ago


I agree...for the longest time I enjoyed Ultima Online despite its horrendous outdated graphics.

Why? Because it was one of the most in-depth games that let me do virtually anything i wanted...You don't see that kind of depth with a lot of games or MMORPGs these days...

Unfortunately, UO was ruined trying to modernize.

TheSanchezDavid2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

Spoken like a true typical N4G user who makes stupid comments and criticizes without knowing anything about the user he's trying to criticize. I buy my own consoles, for your information, and quite frankly, I think the current generation should stick around for a good while longer. Games still look great regardless of what would-be pundits such as yourself want to believe, and developers themselves have stated that graphics / tech won't be pushed that much farther with the next generation of consoles.

Also, it's spelled "their" not "thier." Maybe you need to ask your mommy to teach you how to spell.

yabhero2230d ago

Next Ben begins when the first next gen system is released... WiiU comes out this yr so next gen starts late 2012

Pushagree2230d ago

>Attacking a simple typo because you have no real argument.

The fact is, you have a disagree ratio of 1:3, while I have a ratio of 4:1. So im right by default.

TheSanchezDavid2230d ago

Actually, dumb-dumb, the whole paragraph before I made fun of your lack of spelling knowledge was my argument. Of course, I would definitely expect you to completely ignore that given your delusional mindset.

Also, no one is right by default. The fact is, yours is an opinion, and people who disagree or agree with either of us are expressing their opinions as well. But the fact is that neither console manufacturers nor developers will be doing anything with new hardware for a while.

Here's another fact for you: Sony is currently focusing all of its efforts on the PlayStation Vita. It would be foolish of the company to announce a PlayStation 4 this year. The PlayStation 3, the very system you're whining about and calling old hardware, is here to stay for a good while.

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DrFUD2230d ago

WiiU it is then.
Everybody that bought a 360 during it's first year will buy a WiiU

DarkBlade46582230d ago

The Wii U's rumored prices are a big turnoff for many

PetitPiPi2230d ago

Yeah sure. Maybe if you're 12.

Shackdaddy8362230d ago

Only a little kid would say that...

fluffydelusions2230d ago

Nintendo has created some of the best games ever made. I bet you probably think any movie that isn't rated R is crap too.

disturbing_flame2230d ago

It could be at E3, but no need to hurry for Microsoft they sell tons of xbox with Kinect and 360 is actually doing really good. So it's not an obligation for them to show a new console.

manman62230d ago

Why would Microsoft announce they are releasing a new Xbox so early. They want people to still buy the 360.

The Meerkat2230d ago

MS and Sony are in a staring contest, neither wants to blink first.

Because if MS announce first then Sony will add 512MB more RAM to the PS4 and vice versa.

gamingdroid2230d ago

Time and time again we have seen that hardware specs don't win the console war.

It is more about intelligent design and experience at this point. There is a reason why MS is able to match the PS3, despite releasing a year earlier and not having a custom chip like the Cell. There aren't as many bottlenecks on the Xbox 360.

jetlian2230d ago

True that also even if they announce it they dont have to give all the specs

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