God of War 4 Multiplayer Rumours Rekindled?

Back in early 2011, rumours started fluttering about that the next major God of War title would include online multiplayer. After a job listing was posted on Gamasutra, it seems those rumours have gained new traction.

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ilovemyps32227d ago

After the end of god of war 3,i wouldn't be surprised, if all the titans got some special powers, like a huge mega titan,who would be controling them, along other people. Being too powerful,even for kratos, he would have to combat with Zeus by his side. Kratos and Zeus would have to fight, against and 'over' dozens of titans,like the big one in gow3, in the desert,after mefaistos send him to get the stone. They would have to fight thousands of people,who were now fighting for the titans,who promissed them eternal life,food and soe powers.

Or could it be Athena who would be fighting with kratos? Or maybe kratos wife?

Maybe kratos were poisoned,one day, or drunk, and made a kid with someone. And now people discover the kid his kratos son, and need to be killed, in the past,like terminator and Sarah oconnor...

Sure,these are just some crazy ideas, but an online coop game, sitting in the couch,chatting and playing with a friend,with a video avatar,killing monsters and destroying titans, with coordinated moves, could be awesome.

Santa Monica means quality, and kratos means 20 hours of epic graphics,story,score and blood. This game will be their last one, for ps3,and I would be really happy if they did the same upgrade in quality, as we got with uncharted 1 ---> uncharted 2. I know if there is only 1 MHz left , on the ps3, santa Monica will use it,and display a few more things, on the screen.

Kratos, you're day 1 for me.