RoboPlay: Tecmo Huttball

As you have probably gathered from many of my musings as of late, is that I am well entrenched in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Well, rightfully so, its a fantastic game. Now, Huttball isn’t my favorite part of SWTOR, but it is certainly very intense, exciting, and most fun PvP modes I’ve experienced. While Huttball can be considered a jazzed up capture the flag, I like to think of it more as an intergalactic Star Wars football. In fact, the first time I played it, in my head I began to hear the wonderful music from the Nintendo Entertainment System’s greatest sports game: Tecmo Super Bowl. Then it hit me, what if we mixed the two? This project had to be done, but being that Huttball is far my dynamic and explosive, what with the traps, lightsabers, and explosions, I had to use something better. I decided to use Video Game Hard Rockers Armcannon‘s version of “Dutch Town.” After piecing together some choice clips of my Huttball exploits, this is what I have for you. I hope you enjoy it’s nostalgia filled rampage in the stars.

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Sidology2100d ago

lookit all dat huttball

Moduserous2100d ago

Awesome - love Huttball.