Xbox Live Indie Game Of The Week: Bastards, Rainbows & Lots Of Guns! []

Dealspwn re-launches their weekly Xbox Live Indie roundup, and nominates EvilQuest as their Game Of The Week.

Dealspwn writes: "It's good to be bad. Given half a chance, even the most honourable among us tend to dabble in a little light evil from time to time, whether it's the odd bit of stealing in Skyrim or blowing up an entire town for fun and profit in Fallout 3. However, most games that actually centre on the nasty tend to be extremely disappointing (Overlord, anyone?) as they never really let us cut loose... or use their premise as a shield to disguise some fairly mediocre game mechanics.

EvilQuest, however, manages to blend the need for greed with a heartwarmingly authentic retro RPG that evokes the glorious fond memories of the SNES/Mega Drive golden age."

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