Tiberium scans - first screenshots from the C&C FPS

See the first 13 shots scanned from the newly revealed C&C FPS featured in January's Game Informer: Tiberium.

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RadientFlux3871d ago

Nice hopefully it plays better then the first C&C FPS

Rooted_Dust3871d ago

I actually liked C&C: Renegade. It did make you feel like you were playing inside the original RTS game.

MK_Red3871d ago

Looking good. Love this shot:

ngg123453871d ago

Waiting for the real pics.

JsonHenry3871d ago

They are using the engine behind Crysis. So don't worry about the graphics being up to par.

jackdoe3871d ago

So EA LA is developing. Aren't they the ones that keep on pumping out crappy MoH after crappy MoH?

rushbd3871d ago

hopefully this will be even better

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