Final Fantasy 13-2 Demo Analysis

Eurogamers: Lessons learned on Xbox 360?

Few cross-platform games of recent times have disappointed as much as Square-Enix's Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy 13 which underwhelmed with sub-HD visuals, awful video quality and an inconsistent performance level. We expected better from the publisher and it looks as though the new sequel - just weeks away from release - is set to address a bulk of these issues.

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Elda2224d ago

A great PS3 demo,enjoyed it much!

StitchJones2224d ago

XIII was such a let down to me overall that I just cannot revisit this group of characters or story. Square-Enix is trying to hard to make up for the long list of mistakes they caused by doing this to the genre. I simply will not purchase the game and continue to avoid buying from this once great company (well two if count some of the gems Enix created years ago).

Dno2224d ago

and this is why gamers are treated like kids because before the even try the game the hate on the "interwebbs" just to get people pn thier side.

This Demo was great and its gonna be a great game. Demo is free before you hate just try it??

OhMyGandhi2224d ago

I don't think the demo was "amazing" or even "great", but merely average, which is quite shocking given the name of the game on the title screen.

I played the "Asura's Wrath" demo immediately before playing this, and strongly disliked that game, but felt like both "boss battles" in both demos were strangely similar, and both left a sour taste in my mouth.

While I've never had much time to defeat to the Final Fantasy series, (what's up with the lack of demos for their games by the way?) I just get the feeling that the series is catering to people even - more - A.D.D like me.

The Rock Bottom2224d ago

I'm sure you do, elda....I'm sure you do. :/

meatnormous2224d ago

I played the demo and it didn't have that FF feel to it. I didn't hate FF 13, but it was very disappointing. So many things bother me with this demo. That damn moogle saying Kupo every second is very annoying, the music is not FF by any standard and the way both players pose right before the fight with atlus. Its not a fashion show but they feel the need to strike a pose before doing battle against a huge opponent?

Julie2224d ago

i agree with the poses and the music but Kupo! is Kupo! :O

Really the poses and music meh ... i better don't go in to details i just agree :(