Resident Evil Retrospective: The Best (and Worst) Games in the Series

With "Resident Evil Revelations" on the verge of release, not to mention "Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City" coming in March, it's as good a time as any to take a look back through one of gaming's biggest franchises. We'll celebrate the best and chastise the worst, with gameplay footage to boot!

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StifflerK2288d ago

Ahh , Res Evil Outbreak 2 , that was the one with the zombie elephant!

Lol , still I had a lot of good memories with the Res Evil series (- Jill sandwich's, crimson heads, boulder punching ....) and I'm looking forward to many more!

Revelations is out soon, can't wait!

-Mika-2287d ago

Ya outbreak was really fun. Capcom should seriously remake this game and release it on xbl and psn.

LaughingFish2287d ago

Haha, I forgot about the zombie elephant. Good catch.

BillytheAlien2288d ago

"FAILURE: “Resident Evil 5″ (2009/Xbox 360 and PS3)"


Come on for a RE game, it sucked and the co-op ruined the game.


THAT is what RE5 should of been like. Capcom got it right the first time

-Mika-2287d ago

RE5 wasn't a failure. It was a really fun game. It was 1 of the true co-op game of this generation.

That article was interesting and but don't just bash re5 like that.

ZombieAssassin2287d ago

I don't think he's saying it's a bad game in general but a bad RE game. I'd have to agree with him it didn't really seem to have that horror feel and the co-op didn't help in that aspect. I thought the game was good though if you had someone to play it with.

LaughingFish2287d ago

Co op ruined RE Zero, but I think it worked fine in RE5.

LAWSON722287d ago

Love how ppl complain about re5 games change and at least it changed unlike some games ppl complain about.

Inception2287d ago

I wanna play RE Zero and RE 1 remake...
any chances capcom will release those game for PS3/360/Vita?

LaughingFish2287d ago

I sure as hell wish they would, instead of cranking out Goldeneye 007 Reloaded which no one wants. Zero's kinda meh though.

Inception2287d ago

One of my friend (his a nintendo fanboy) said that nintendo already bought RE 0 and RE 1 remake license. So capcom only released those two exclusively for nintendo console. I don't know if this true or not, but if yes than it's a big blow for RE fans like me who played this series from PS1 T_T

tiffac0082287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

That's correct, RE0 and RE1 Remake was for the GameCube.

It was part of Capcom's exclusive deal with Ninty, which ended up in poor sales for Capcom as the NGC did not do that well, it was of course a PS2 dominated market at that time.

Its also the very reason why Capcom doesn't want to do exclusives on consoles anymore (excluding handhelds).

s45gr322287d ago

RE 5 is easily a failure in my eyes and no is not because is not a survival horror game. The reason why is just was wave after wave of enemies i.e. a shooting gallery. Clear the area of all the enemies move to the other area rinse and repeat. Just going into the link provided by billy the alien demonstrates a far better resident evil game.

Son_Lee2287d ago

RE4 is the best in the series. It may not be the scariest in the series, but it's the one installment that did EVERYTHING right. The pacing, locations, controls, story, everything was pretty much perfect. I'd vote RE3 a close second because being chased by Nemesis is fucking SCARY!

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