Jan 2012: TOP 3 Must Buy games that deserve your Attention

With a Jam-packed Gaming trails left by 2011, January 2012 looms before us with 3 games that truly deserve some spotlight and are Worthy of purchase for the PS3 and Xbox 360 gamers alike.

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geniusgamerdoc2346d ago

Silent Hill HD Collection is looking gorgeous.

I still remember the Nostalgia of the RASIO and SIREN sounds of the Original Silent Hill on PS1 ringing in my subconscious mind.

Soul Calibur V is a must buy for me as well.

Baddo_Ekkusuchi2346d ago

Sucks that silent hill collection is delayed. no physical games for me this month

geniusgamerdoc2345d ago

Dont forget the 2 games releasing in Disc format this month- Soul Calibur V and Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Tanir2345d ago

Hell yeah Genius!

SCV for sure! gonna wait till i unlock everything in it first before i buy ff13-2! still wanna play that too!

SolidGear32345d ago

Since SH HD is delayed, I won't be getting anything until Syndicate

takohma2345d ago

SCV for me!!!! I been counting down the days. 15 and it's dragging so slow. I'll be getting this for ps3 so any SCV players add me psn is Takohma. I think I'll get FF for 360. Wait a sec is FF13-2 multi? Or is it only the Versus one that is exclusive?

geniusgamerdoc2345d ago

FFXIII-2 is Multi-platform.

FFvXIII is a PS3 Exclusive.

Though the PS3 version features Prettier graphics and Cutscenes when compared to the 360 version.
Go for the PS3 version!