Half Life fans, here is something special for you; Half-Life: Dreamcast is now available

DSOGaming writes: "Half Life fans, here is something special for you today. Black Mesa Source won’t be released anytime soon, so here is something else to keep you busy. Half-Life: Dreamcast is a PC port of the unreleased Sega Dreamcast console version of Half-Life, developed by Gearbox Software and originally slated for release in late 2000, and is available right now."

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darthv722193d ago

I like the fact it is both half life and blue shift in one game. The iso has been available for some time on the net. That one and propeller arena are two of the best dc games that never officially got released.

Smashbro292193d ago

Do you know if it could work on an actual Dreamcast?

256bit2193d ago

yup it will work all you need is a bootdisc which is free. then use imgburn program and viola. your done

Hazmat132193d ago

i still need to get Half Life 1 on PS2 so i can beat it tried before kept getting killed so i rage quit. lol gotta pick it up again, also the Dc looks really good pretty damn close to the PC version.

cannon88002193d ago

after nine thousand years, they finally release it for the dreamcast?

darthv722193d ago

its the dreamcast edition for PC. Te dreamcast version still remains 'unofficially' released.