Famitsu Japan Charts: Wii Fit at 1st, Lost Odyssey at 6th with 60k debut

Famitsu Japan Game Charts 2007-12-3/ 2007-12-9 and Sales:

1. Wii Fit (Wii)
2. Tales of Innocence (DS)
3. Professor Layton and Pandora's Box (DS)
4. Everybody's Golf Portable 2 (PSP)
5. Mario Party DS (DS)
6. Lost Odyssey (360)
7. SD Gundam G Generations Spirits (PS2)
8. Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)
9. PowerPro-kun Pocket 10 (DS)
10. Winning Eleven 2008 (PS2)

Console :
Wii : about 110k
DSL : about 165k
PS3 : abuot 38k
PS2 : about 15k
PSP : about 88k
360 : about 7.8k

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MK_Red3905d ago

Exactly what I was afraid of. A "thing" like Wii Fit outselling real games like Tales, Odyssey, Mario... .

InMyOpinion3905d ago

This is Japan. Games like Brain academy and Pokemon rule over there.

MK_Red3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

You said it yourself "Games" like Brain academy and Pokemon rule there. "Games". Pokenmon and Brain things are "games". Video Games.

WiiFit is NOT a game. It's unfun and useless. Wii Play and Brain Age look like Mass Effect and Uncharted compared to Wii Fit. The worse thing is how buggy and inaccurate the thing is.
Officially THE worst gaming related thing I've ever seen in my life.

BloodySinner3905d ago

As long as the Nintendo logo is slapped on a useless device like Wii Fit, it will sell.

The Real Joker3905d ago

Please MK_Red. Don't hold back. :)

jam93905d ago

I'm not afraid that mom and dad buy Wii and WiiFit.

I'm afraid that stupid top managers of gaming company decide to go Wii with an idea like their hard-core games are also sold well on the Wii. They are counting only numbers. Console sales numbers don't tell the truth like who bought the console and what kind of games are expected.

Many Japanese gaming company already moved to Wii/DS with those wrong idea and failed. I hope western gaming companies will not fail in the same way.

Skerj3904d ago

I'm just waiting to see Chase the Chuckwagon on the Wii, then I know the end is upon us.

InMyOpinion3904d ago

You almost sound like an angry fat kid ;)

So hostile towards Wii Fat..I mean Wii Fit.

It should do the US some good though.

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TANOD3905d ago

It is released on the 13th December.

I expect the ps3 sales to surge too

MK_Red3905d ago

Hope it happens. With Famitsu's great score and GT5's incredible quality, hopefully GT5 crushes WiiFit and sends that piece of **** to car graveyard for totaled cars to use WiiFit for their exercise while gamers can play real games at home and go out of their homes to workout and exercise for free instead of paying money for an ugly scale (Rant over).

I can't help it. WiiFit is best seller and it was the worst and most unfun thing I ever tried so I can't help but to attack it.

Filanime033904d ago

MK-red wait till wii fit will release in the US and Euro it will sell like hotcakes. Especially here in America the fattest country in the world. People here will do anything to loose some weight. I for one is also piss about this stupid trend on the videogame industry.

ruibing3904d ago

GT5 should definitely make it to the top three slots in software sales and give PS3 hardware sales a nice boost next week lasting through the holidays.

As for Wii Fit, I still see it just as an excuse for obese kids to get a Wii from their parents. But as for actually using it to exercise, it would have been much more effective if they just go outside, rest their eyes, and take a walk or jog.

krackchap3905d ago

wow i thought last gen odyssey was going to save 360 in japan

TANOD3905d ago

This is very bad news for x360 no doubt. Their biggest game which was projected to sell 300k by some analyst couldnt really make much of an impact.

The hardware sales were also minimal

MK_Red3905d ago

It's a new ip and a 360 game in Japan so 60k is a pretty good debut IMO.

TANOD3905d ago

so 60k for the biggest game isnt good especially when AC on x360 did 40k

I think LO should have been released later in January. People are wanting either wii / Gt5/wiifit/ps3. Japanese have no time for foreign consoles

Hugh Hefner3905d ago

Tanod... the 360 userbase did not double from the time Blue Dragon was released to Lost Odyssey. It had a negligible increase at best. You are this site's worst fanboy.

sonarus3904d ago

yea i expected a stronger debut for lost odyssey. wii sales are up thru the roof but soon gamers will again realize how wii hardly has any real games to play after their 100th play of wii fit play

sak5003904d ago

What happened to your beloved console ps3s games? Nothing in top 10?

ruibing3904d ago

I'm still unsure whether 360 fans can appreciate a good JRPG like Lost Odyssey or whether they would rather play western RPGs like Oblivion.

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MK_Red3905d ago

LO's 60k is a pretty strong debut for a 360 game in Japan. Hopefully Japanese buy more real games (GT5, LO,...) in the following weeks instead of those things that end with Fit in their names.

SDFm3rc3905d ago

there's NO PS3 games in the Top 10?

MK_Red3905d ago

Well, there was no ig PS3 release this week and PS3's first really bigger hitter GT5 comes out next-week and most gamers are waiting and saving for that.

TANOD3905d ago

It is very achievable i guess

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