Now are you excited about Operation Raccoon City?

Rely on Horror: "Maybe being set between the events of Resident Evil 2 and 3 isn’t enough. Maybe even having classic characters in the game also isn’t enough to win fans over and make them excited about what they think is just a mere cooperative shooter disguised as a RE title. Whatever the case may be, after that amazing new “Triple Impact” trailer we got this week, we think you should all be very, very excited about this game– even if it doesn’t end up providing thrills and scares reminiscent of the classic games.

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Tuxedo_Mask2375d ago

No. I don't want to be able to mow down zombies and take down a Licker with a knife, I want the tension and survival aspects that RE games used to be known for. Then again, I also want the CAPCOM that made good games back too, but I guess we can't always get what we want.

Heartnet2374d ago

Theres never been anything survival about RE xD especially 5 Lol.... ammo is everywhere and zombies easy to kill so....

and if you mean tension thats only there cause you cant move and shoot... thats how bad that series was...

This game is looking awesome :) multiplayer will be a blast with friends and trailers so far look cool :D

Only doubt about this game is the developer and whilst they have made some decent psp games there console game, socom confrontation, was just a terrible game xD

Kurylo3d2374d ago

apparently u havent played any resident evil before RE 4... u know.. the ones that operation racoon city take place during the same time...

Those ones ammo was scarce.. u had to make a decision on wether to use it or think u can run by... You died very easily ... health was scarce.. and u were allowed a limited number of saves through an item that is wasted when u save.

ATi_Elite2374d ago


I have no interest in Resident Evil: Zombie Warfare 2!!

AllroundGamer2374d ago

from the videos and gameplay style i would say the game will probably be a 6/10 game, so i'm not excited at all...