Why free-to-play isn't going to save Final Fantasy XIV

FFXIV will fail to re-crack the Western market without embracing what is now a staple of the genre - the free-to-play alternative - but really, it might just not be looking to do so.

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OcularVision2376d ago

To summarize: SE isn't willing to adapt to F2P market

ninjahunter2376d ago

Lol what, another FF? I think their biggest problem is they have so many freaking games i just dont listen anymore.

GraveLord2376d ago

This one came out 2010.

closnyc22376d ago

the new patch saved it for me, am loving it now. If 2.0 changes things dramatically as they say they are, am sold. I love this game. way more fun to me than swtor.

Seventh_Blood_Reborn2376d ago

I loved FFXI, time ago -when it was announced- I was sure FFXIV would have been great ( at least as much as FFXI was ).

But if SE cancels the PS3 version, or can not make it good enough, I will not buy SE games anymore.

I am a man of his word.

I am going to boycott every game it comes out at least until Wada is there.

SE have totally failed this generation. This is the last chance I give to them.

They need to change their direction quickly, very quickly.

FFXIV could be the final nail in the coffin as far as I'm concerned, take care SE, I was your huge fan time ago ( Squaresoft fan ).

DeeBee2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

FFXIV won't go F2P, why? Because SE do not listen to people when it comes to their products.

I know first hand how badly they ignore people since I was in the beta testing (closed and open) for FFXIV and submitted bug and problem reports the size of small novels on a monthly basis. Yet upon release of the game every single bug and problem I had encountered were still there!! Made me wonder why they even bothered with a beta test phase since they didn't listen to anyone when they voiced their concerns.

I used to be a huge fan of SE, Final Fantasy XIV was the final game I will touch from them.