Sony UK dates GT5 Prologue, WipEout HD

Things will get off to a good start in 2008 for PlayStation gamers, as Sony confirms a promising Q1/Q2 launch line-up.

The list from Sony US puts Gran Turismo 5 Prologue on track for a Q1 release in the States, while the silky-smooth WipEout HD is pencilled in for a more vague "early 08" release.

Sony UK, however, has told CVG that GT5 Prologue will also hit UK PS3s in Q1, while placing WipEout HD at a slightly more specific Q2 release.

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Shadow Flare3868d ago

I cannot wait for GT5: Prologue. But im actually really keen for Wipeout HD as well. I mean i played wipeout games before Gran Turismo games, and to play wipeout in HD? Simply awesome. How cool is that, and it'll probably incorporate using motion as an option for flying it. Not that id actually use motion to properly race with it but it sounds fun, the perfect game for the sixaxis. But bring on Gran Turismo, i need to shred some tyres already

Korosuke3868d ago

I'm live in Japan so eariler release in Japan is good to me.
But GT is more popular in EU than in Japan.
So I think Sony should release GT5P in EU first.

LSDARBY3868d ago

lol, GT5P is way more popular in Japan than anywhere else in the world.

Anyway, what is Q1 classed as?

The Wood3868d ago

1st quarter.

Cant wait for these games.

bOOmStiCK3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

Please stop calling quarters dates because that's just a load of BS. A date contains a day/month/year... :/

Kemicalbeliefs3868d ago

Bloomin eck, if thats specific, I'd hate to see a guestimation.

"Yeah we're not quite sure but we're looking at a possible release in the 21st century"

Then when it gets to Q1 it will either be classed as a typo or the very last day of that quarter.

Cynically yours


ravinash3868d ago

Q1 is a big part of a year....I want it now!

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