Sony: "WipEout 2048 Is Our Biggest WipEout Ever"

What do you get for your money in WipEout 2048? Sony Studio Liverpool senior designer Mike Humphrey spoke to VitaGamr about the portable title.

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cleric202378d ago

Day one purchase for me... played this at the BetaRooms event and it was so much better than the PSP wipeout, it really feels fresh and controls like a dream. This is a great example of what AAA gaming looks like on a handheld!

Ultr2377d ago

I loved the psp wipeout, especially pulse! and if this one is better? I definately have to get this one!

MasterCornholio2378d ago

Game looks very good.


clearelite2377d ago

Wipeout is possibly my favorite racing game. It is very atmospheric with the electronic music and a tons of fun. I didn't realize Vita's release was so close. This may one of the games I get along with the Vita in about a month. Starting to get excited about owning a Vita, cool :D