Nintendo Refuses to Budge on Mario Kart 7 Glitch

A response from Nintendo confirms that they have no plans to patch the Maka Wuhu track glitch that allows players to skip a third of the track.

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Titanz2200d ago

Negative press will change their opinion about.

Knushwood Butt2200d ago

They'll never do a thing about it, just like they never did a thing about Mario Kart on the DS, which was a broken piece of crap.

Hey, it's OK though, cos THIS IS NINTENDO AND THEY ARE THEY GREATEST. Everybody LOVES them. Even my cat!

ozstar2200d ago

Miyamoto prefers dogs, you should really tell your cat this.

Knushwood Butt2200d ago

@ ozstar

My cat's still really optimistic that Miyamoto will patch his favourite karting game, so he's going to be even more upset if I tell him that..

BrutallyBlunt2200d ago

They won't update it because it would give an unfair advantage to the original owners? That just shows how out of touch Nintendo is when it comes to online.

bergoo2200d ago

LOL, you guys are putting WAY to much trust into this random youtube user..
I'd take a bet that this letter is 100% from the mind of that said youtube user.

klecser2199d ago

People on the internet will believe anything and trust anyone as reputable.

Samus HD2199d ago

Nintendo is just showing us how "WEAK" they are in online

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