Remedy has 'groundbreaking console project' in the works

Alan Wake creators Remedy have a "groundbreaking AAA console project" in development, a new job listing has revealed.

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FENDR2372d ago ShowReplies(4)
tawak2372d ago

Ive thought Allan wake is the ground breaking?

RedDevils2372d ago

Alan Wake Ground breaking lol

ATi_Elite2372d ago

How about some details or screen shots or video so WE THE GAMERS can decide just how AAA or groundbreaking it is!

Cause i'm sure every Dev thinks they have some ground breaking game in development.

more hype than substance right now so i'm not excited.

hassi942372d ago

It's not like they're shouting at everyone telling them how great their game is.

They have to attract good developers by the job listings, so they write groundbreaking etc. They aren't ready to show the game clearly, they still need developers...

Titanz2373d ago

Doubtful, though you never know.

Kur02373d ago

Probably a Kinect game =/

LightofDarkness2373d ago

Please take back Max Payne. We'll give you gold!

t0mmyb0y2373d ago

Remedy was on fire for a while back in the day. Max Payne 1 bedded in my head

BillytheAlien2373d ago

I just can't believe their actually think MP3 looks brillaint.

I think in my opinion they have no choice to say that about it. I mean 1) it's a rockstar game so they can't "diss" them without any backlash and 2) well it's not like their opinion matters, at the end of the day it would just cause a fuss around the internet.

KMCROC542372d ago

Think thier response was probly in reference to what Max Payne looked like when they (Remedy)first created Max Payne 1 & 2.

morganfell2372d ago

You haven;t played Max Payne. I would guess they have been treated to that opportunity. It's called waiting until you actually know what you are talking about before going on the attack.

To be fair, I have said before that we do see this situation too often. The publisher or developer is risk averse when it comes to a new IP. So they look around for some name recognition into which they can shoehorn their new product. Oh, Syndicate for example?

But remember, this is Rockstar and risk averse is not something they happen to be.

Chitown712912372d ago

But I think Max Payne 3 looks pretty good. No, its not the setting were used to, but still, its Max Payne on current consoles. The gameplay from what I've seen has kept the original in its heart, which is what I care about. Whereas DMC on the other hand, the developers have just completely said f*ck the original fan base, were doing what we want. Give em a chance guys....

FlashXIII2373d ago

Alan Wake kinect adventures? I sure hope not but wouldn't surprise me.

SKUD2372d ago

Count on it. Now with more in-game ads. Enjoy!

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The story is too old to be commented.