Choplifter HD vs Old School Choplifter

Back in the good old 1980′s you may recall both an arcade machine as well as a Commodore 64 and Atari version of a frustratingly fun game called Choplifter where you sour a 2 dimensional plane with your Huey (or Sortie depending on the flavor you were playing) and attempt rescue survivors on the ground without being shot down. If you remember any of the above, you might enjoy the latest Choplifter HD.

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gameguidedog2289d ago

I like that they included the option of killing chickens.

ilovemyps32288d ago

Really? That will make KFC feel jealous :)

JerryMatters2288d ago

I remember the original choplifter. It was pretty fun, the new one looks pretty good too! I might just grab that for old times sake.

Nitrowolf22288d ago

I remember this game on the C64. Pretty fun

Dlacy13g2288d ago

This may be one of those titles I pick up on a PSN or XBLA sale. Tried the game, and it definitely felt like choplifter just all jazzed up with a new coat of paint. Not sure its a $15 game...but $10 and under and I might take a flyer on it.

Dojan1232288d ago

Agree. While the game brings back old memories and the demo stayed true to the past, it should be under $10.

optimus2288d ago

i would get a kick if this game kept the sega easter egg of having "superman" in the game. *wishful thinking*

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