XCOM: Enemy Unknown – A Look Ahead

GamingLives takes an in-depth and detailed look at Firaxis' upcoming release, XCOM: Enemy Unknown including information on the removal of time units, introduction of new enemies, and Sid Meier's influence with diplomatic relations.

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LiquidT2285d ago

I need this game so much it hurts.

dedicatedtogamers2285d ago

Yeah this game keeps looking better and better.

gaminglives2285d ago

It does look great, doesn't it? It was only going to go one of two ways really - it would be a worthy successor or it would completely suck. I'm actually really surprised at how closely Firaxis are sticking with the original. ~Markuz

banjadude2284d ago

So.. this is more "true" to the original series correct; the other XCOM is a whole different take? Sorry.. I don't know much about the XCOM/UFO series...

gaminglives2284d ago

Yeah, the one currently being developed by 2K Marin is very much a shooter and only has nods to the original series. We saw it at E3 last year and it looked good in terms of a shooter, but to an X-COM fan it was like they had ignored everything about the original games so it wasn't something that I, personally, was looking forward to.

This version from Firaxis is very much the original game, brought more up to date in terms of visuals and handling, and with a couple of extra features thrown in to take it away from JUST being a clone. A few features have been stripped out, such as time units and needing ammo stocks, but the core game is still prevalent.

There are from ALTAR Interactive (UFO Aftermath, UFO Aftershock and UFO Afterlight) which also represent the tactical style of the original X-COM series but I wasn't able to get a proper feel for them so only played the first one.

If you're willing to take a punt on it, Steam are offering the original X-COM game under the American name of X-COM: UFO Defense for just a few dollars.