IGN: 6 Reasons Ninja Theory Will Revitalise Devil May Cry

Capcom's Devil May Cry series is one of the most beloved Japanese action franchises ever made. Its smooth, action-packed gameplay and incredible sense of style are just two of the many reasons it has such a large and loyal fan base, but perhaps its biggest weapon is Dante. The series' iconic white-haired lead is playful, ridiculously cool and a bad-ass fighting machine. In short, he's an icon.

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Deadpool6162380d ago

The new DMC is just as out of touch as Capcom is. Capcom must be hell-bent to ruin everything that made them what they are today. To make matters worse Capcom openly supported SOPA. It's like they're making an effort to make me hate them. >:\

zerocrossing2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

Capcom actually support SOPA? O.o OK, if anyone actually sees Capcom can you give them one good kick in the groin for me.

Onimusha, Devil May Cry, Dino Crisis, Mega man. Mega man X, Power Stone, the lack of care they have shown towards those titles is all the reason I need to hate Capcom... but they keep going out of there way to create new ones :/

zeal0us2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

Crapcom don't actually openly support it. They never actually stated their position. "The ESA represents us on these matters" is what Christian Sven is claiming.

Since ESA as a whole, not individually, supports SOPA then Capcom support SOPA by proxy. Same goes for any other company claiming neutrality and or hasn't come out against it.

Now theres been some ESA members that came out against SOPA. If you are part of the ESA by default you support it unless you actually come out against it. I know it can somewhat confusing.

*List companies for&against SOPA that are apart of the ESA*

jeseth2379d ago

They should have done Heavenly Sword 2.

DMC looks rediculous. Definitely not supporting this mess.

jc485732380d ago

well, Capcom just told people that they never said they supported SOPA, but they also refuse to take a stand.

Deadpool6162379d ago

Thanks for correcting me zeal0us and for the useful information. :D

MastaMold2379d ago

For shame ign, for shame

fei-hung2379d ago

Looks like IGN are being given sucky sucky from Tameem and Crapcom.

You cannot revitalise something which is wrong in every possible concievable way!


You take a large dump after 3 days of being constipated. Don't matter how much febreeeze you use and how much you polish your turd, it will always remain a turd i.e. waste from what was once good edable stuff.

All they had to do was change Dante's name and say this here is a side story from the DMC Universe and they would have been okay.

Instead they have changed everything about DMC which made DMC a hit:

1) Gameplay
2) Graphics
3) Sound
4) Art style
5) History of the DMC Universe
6) History of the characters
7) Combat
8) Presentation

What would be really funny is if this game flops hard and Ninja Theory sue the shit out of Crapcom for making them change Dante etc and say "Crapcom made us do this and this is why the game failed. We wanted to listen to the fans, but Crapcom didn't let us. As a result, out reputation has been demonised and we have lost out on X amount of potential earnings and future projects."

If this happens, it would be perfect kick in the ass that Crapcom deserves!

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baldulf2380d ago

Only a garbage site like IGN could flatter a garbage game like this.

Uuuh, it's a new cinematic experience and a reboot like Batman Begins... Why don't call it casual buttonmasher and Twilight rip-off?

Kur02380d ago

These "Gaming sites" are mostly just advertising hubs.

sirdrake2379d ago

I am sorry, i never understand how people say any game is garbage before it is release. The game doesn't look like garbage at all, it is definitely a departure from the Devil May Cry that we know and love, but no one has played it, so we can't say whether it is "garbage" or not.

How about we wait until the game is released, and if it sucks, okay it sucks, but to dismiss it before the game is actually released based on biased opinions because you are unhappy with the direction that Capcom decided to take, is just childish.

jc485732380d ago

not sure about revitalizing dmc. I'm just seeing this game as total spin off to be honest. I will miss the fast gameplay and the hot chicks.

sirdrake2379d ago

Sorry, looking at the trailers the gameplay is still pretty fast, not sure where you are getting your info from.

JoeSchmoh2380d ago

How is this new DmC supposed to be new when it's copying exactly every Devil May Cry before it. Who cares if Ninja Theory is making it with some state of the art looking graphics.

sirdrake2379d ago

So, let me get this straight, people think it is going to suck and be "garbage", yet you are saying it is "copying exactly every Devil may Cry before it".

Hmm, if it is copying them, that should be a good thing, because they were pretty good games if i recall, should you not be excited for this then>?

Lex_Dangerously 2379d ago

Dude, after reading your above comment it's clear you are just looking to attack somebody. You are lashing out at him for the things that the guy above was saying...... All THIS GUY was saying that he doesn't think that dmc is bringing anything new. Never once did HE say that it was garbage. You seem quite defensive of a game that YOU have never played. And, according to you, that's just childish..... You just seem off man. OT: I'm definitely in the camp of people who are simply waiting for final product before judging the final product. Though I must admit that I am not very interested in this game. I hope for the diehards that it pulls a rabbit out of the hat.

Pozzle2379d ago

Just because something is a copy of a good thing, doesn't mean it's guaranteed to be good. Just look at the Psycho's a SHOT FOR SHOT remake of the original movie, but it sucks by comparison. Just goes to show what a difference a shit director and cast can make.

Redempteur2380d ago

-A More Cinematic Story

BY screwing up everything that hapenned before ? right ..

-A More Modern Approach to Gameplay
By losing the fluidity that was a mark of the serie and "possibly " removing the challenge of comboing ?

-Sometimes A Big Gamble Pays Off
And something it doesn't

-An Origin Story
95% of chance this will rewrite previous events is some form. Aren't they following the develloppement of this thing ? All teh background story for everyone was laid and accessible and this game doesn't care about it.

-A Unified Vision and Style
Ok for this point..
Too bad the style was also very clear in DMC 3 , or DMC 4 already ..

-Hideaki Itsuno is Still Onboard as Co-Director
AND ? One man can only do much. it's obvious the DNA from previous games is gone...

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