MCV's Q4 Platform Battle Part 1: Xbox 360

Jon Hicks
Editor, Official Xbox Magazine
December 10, 2007

"Microsoft's going to win this Christmas because it's the only manufacturer to crack the not-so-secret formula: a console you can actually find on the shelves, and loads of games you want to play on it."

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DTClown3812d ago

ooo it sports xmas colors....lots of red too!

what a piece of crap.

razer3812d ago

There is a PS3 version of this too that you can beat your meat in? Just because the 360 is the best you don't have to be a cry baby about it.

xjoshbx3812d ago

The whole "PS3 doesn't have enough titles worthwhile" needs to stop. This just isn't true anymore. Take the 360 game library and tell me how many more games it has that are actually worth playing. Everyone one i know that has all 3 consoles says they prefer the ps3. It's a nicer more capable machine, and it's game library is no longer weak!

razer3812d ago

has A LOT more games than the PS3 that are worth playing to answer your question. I find just the opposite, the gamers I know don't want a PS3 and are perfectly fine with the 360.

The PS3 is definately a capable machine, but the 360 just offers more to a gamer right now.

I think we might actually hear an end to the PS3 has no games, when we hear the end of RRoD. (see idiot comment #4)

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