PlayStation Vita Hands-on [CES 2012]

Casey White wrote : "During my time at CES this year, I had an opportunity to go hands-on with a lot of great gadgets, and get some peaks at some of this year’s upcoming software. On a whim I decided to head over to the Sony booth, on my last day, even though it’s traditionally a little more of the wheel-house of our News Editor Ian Fisher. Honestly, I just enjoy seeing the scope of their booth; it is generally one of the largest on the show floor, but wound up spending a bit of time with the PlayStation Vita, which releases next month."

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Jihaad_cpt2256d ago

god I cannot believe I clicked on the article :(. His complaints were not consistent in my opinion.

JoeReno2255d ago

Certainly not consistant with other "hands on previews" that I have read. I have not read anything about the sticks except how great they feel. First I read of anyone calling them "cheap feeling".

He goes on to say that "software sells me on the hardware", and Vita launch line up is considered my plenty of reviewers/bloggers to be pretty great, yet Shogungamer is unconvinced. My guess is that if he never bough a PSP (like it or not) he just isn't much in to portable games or is VERY pickey and little of the games being produced today interest him.

TheNightNinja2252d ago

To answer your question: No, I did not buy a PSP. The only game that interested me was Peacewalker, and eventually came to PS3.

The portable games that I do play are generally on either my DS/3DS or iPhone these days, but my history goes back as far as the original Gameboy, though growing us as a Sega fan I'd still say I got the most enjoyment out of my Sega Gamegear (which was insanely awesome with the TV receiver).

TheNightNinja2252d ago

I'm not sure consistency is a requirement for opinion writing? They are personal opinions of my time with the console, what other people think is kind of irrelevant to my own experience?