Razer Product Spotlight [CES 2012]

Casey White wrote : "Traditionally Shogun Gamer has had a, mostly, console-specific focus. Our coverage of the PC gaming world in the past consisted of stand-alone titles that were not provided elsewhere, and the occasional talk of interesting hardware (namely accessories) when they were announced. In the last year however, we’ve significantly stepped up our game in the PC world, realising, finally, that it does still representative a significant portion of gamers. If we’re to represent gamers, and more importantly ourselves as gamers, then clearly it’s something we need to work on. With that in mind, I spent a fair amount of my time at this year’s CES checking out some of the hardware for the upcoming year in PC gaming."

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THC CELL2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

this will not be as good as a vita as it will have no games supporting it.

only games we get on consoles and pc mp

oh and the price i will await a ps4 before i spend a grand on something like this

vikingland12347d ago

Idk I think it might be a neat thing if it really does what they say it it does. I think the vita is for console gamers and this is more like a portable gaming rig for PC gamers. At least thats how I understand the concept. But I will wait and see I would never plunk down a thousand dollars untill we see some real reviews on this thing.