WipEout 2048 Has An Online Pass

TSA: "Much like Everybody’s Golf 6, Sony’s first party title WipEout 2048 requires an online pass to make the most of it. And, just like the former title, buying the game from the PlayStation Store means you’ll automatically get an online pass too, despite what the rest of the internet said a week or so back."

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remanutd552253d ago

i'll see you guys online !!!

Deeloc2253d ago

this online pass S**t is making me MAD

knifefight2252d ago

People keep buying games that have it and keep buying the online passes so...expect it to stick around and perhaps eventually slip into almost every game that features online. That's the way this goes.

MasterCornholio2253d ago

At least it isn't like Hotshots where if you buy the game online you still have to buy an online pass. Glad to see that with Wipeout the pass is included.


Bach2253d ago

Online pass is included with digital version of Hot Shots