MCV's Q4 Platform Battle Part 2: Nintendo

Mark Green
Editor, NGamer Magazine
December 11, 2007

"Nintendo is video games again. When you see Wii referenced in the little 118118 cartoon ad at the back of Metro newspaper, you know you're looking at more than just a games console – you're looking at a proper phenomenon."

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DTClown3903d ago

yea...that's what I want to do is stand up and flail my arms around like an idiot trying to get a last gen looking novelty to do what I want it to do. yea NO!

I really feel sorry for all the little sick boys and girls this winter who are home from school/work because they have the flu. Good luck playing your Wii while not throwing up all over it and the rest of the room! While I'm sick, the only motion sickness I will encounter is from my thumbs...unless of course I want to play High Velocity Bowling or LAIR, or MotorStorm and WarHawk with the motion controls switched on.

Umm Mr. Wii, can I turn OFF the motion controls if my belly isn't feeling too well or I'm simply too tired after a long days work? what..NO! wow....lot's of lost gaming there. too bad.

Good luck with your little dust collecting novelty with graphics from the 90's!

ItsDubC3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

I "flail my arms around like an idiot" the few times I play the Wii, and wonder why everyone else is able to sit down and use small flicks of the wrist to accomplish the same thing onscreen while watching me make a fool of myself. I'm butthurt because no one let me in on the inside joke, so I'll just make fun of the graphics.

ChickeyCantor3902d ago

how typical,
first make the Wii look bad, then name up games that use the motion sensing in the same way.
and then claim it will make you tired.

how about you STFU, you don't even have a Wii to begin with so don't go scream around with stupid arguments that are false.

btw i played moterstorm, with motion sensing, and i moved both my hands more then i would playing a Wii game.

your whole attempt to crash the Wii into the ground was a huge failure, you don't even have a Wii to begin with, and don't even claim you have one.

you do want you use motion sensing for the PS3 but not for the Wii? i smell fanboy.

PS360WII3903d ago

Yep Nintendo is video games again I agree.

wiizy3902d ago

its no competition or story to be told.. nintendo will win this generation

PSWe603902d ago

Lots of games...yawn
how many of those games are actually good?