PlayStation Vita’s Five Must Have Launch Titles

"In just less than a month, the much awaited successor to Sony’s PlayStation Portable is upon us. With at least twenty five launch titles that will be available on February 15th or 22nd, there are only five that stand out." - JPS

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NovusTerminus2257d ago

I am not getting 5... Mostly due to money. But the ones I am getting are...

Shinobido 2
Gravity Rush
Dynasty Warriors NEXT
(If I can get the money)
BlazBlue Extend

And that's it to start. But I also in feb have to get Soul Calibur V, Asura's Wrath, Possibly Amular.

To... Many... Games...

pythonxz2256d ago

Isn't Gravity Rush a "launch window" game? If is coming out at launch, my choices will definitely be Wipeout 2048 and that.

NovusTerminus2256d ago

It's labeled as launch window cause it comes out on the 15'th, not the 22'nd. So it is a launch window.

@ Razongunz

SCV, Asura's Wrath and Amular are just games racking up the bill in Feb, which is why I am not sure if I can get any more Vita titles.

disturbing_flame2256d ago

This list is awkward. Justpushstart have very bad taste

admiralvic2256d ago

Diverse opinions happen when you ask various people and honestly how many people want to read a rehashed list anyways?

disturbing_flame2256d ago

It's obvious.

Accept also diverse opinions from people reading this article.

I think this list is awkward because i think there are better games than reality fighters or little deviants for the launch.

I think that Little Deviants and Reality Fighters will not have great Worlwide scores. I'll be very interested by the reviews pushstart will make of those games, if they are selected they will reach perfect scores easily. I'm curious to see if it's an opinion shared by the majority of webzines and people. And more than that if tere are not better games than these two ones to make a decent top 5 games for the launch.

knifefight2256d ago

Katamari? Really? How? Why? It's definitely not as good as the others in the series.
http://playstationlifestyle... 6570-touch-my-katamari-import-r eview-wash-your-hands

CarlitoBrigante2256d ago

Uncharted Golden Abyss baby, another AAAA exclusive for PlayStation.

Knushwood Butt2256d ago


I've beaten it, and highly recommend it.

bratman2255d ago

Cant wait till the 15th, here in canada if you preordered the vita first edition bundle you got golden abyss free!

Razongunz2256d ago

i will be pre-orderning these 5 titles with my vita

uncharted golden abyss
ultimate marvel vs capcom
wipeout 2048
modnation racers
little deviants

when i get my vita i will be buying these 3 from the PS Store as fast as i can.

Gravity Rush
Hustle Kings
Super stardust delta

and i am not sure about dynasty warriors if it is a launch title here in europe i just know it launching in february
same with blazblue it will not be in europe at launch date, but i will buy both dynasty warriors and blazblue as soon as they launch in europe.

so i plan on getting a total of 10 games in the month of february alone.

and if i stumble over more awesome games i will add em to my collection aswell :P.

theDECAY2256d ago

You all must have amazing jobs, or no bills.

chazjamie2256d ago

i am just picking up rayman origins and when lbp comes out i will buy that.

pythonxz2256d ago

There's a little thing called, "saving money," ever heard of it?

theDECAY2251d ago

Yeah, I have. I am an adult. The fact of the matter is one student loan bill, which are monthly, is the price of a wi-fi model. I am just saying, even if you "save," you are still paying a lot. Does that make sense, pal?

pythonxz2250d ago

No one said you had to buy it at release. Wait until there is a price drop. I have my own student loan bills, by the way, and they are more than the price of a 3G model.

moparful992253d ago

Umm thats the advantage of preordering I've been paying on my vita for a couple of months now and its almost paid off so now I am pre-ordering and paying down games.. It called MONEY MANGAGEMENT.. Thats how I bought my car, my ps3, my computer and just about everything else I have ever wanted...

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