Serah Farron from Final Fantasy XIII Cosplay by Kanankaori

Kanankaori cosplayed as Serah Farron from the popular RPG game Final Fantasy XIII. She looks very cute, especially her face profile and has a great looking costume.

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Ranma12374d ago ShowReplies(3)
Tuxedo_Mask2373d ago

She's cute, and her outfit is put together really well. I'm looking forward to XIII-2, although I'm hoping it's release means Versus will come out soon too.

Magnus2373d ago

The costume is great but here eyes make her look like an alien

lashes2ashes2373d ago

You do know that comment makes you look racist right.

Magnus2373d ago

Nothing racist about my comment i know she is Japanese and Japanese women are hot I was looking at her contacts maybe you should open your eyes and look as well instead of playing the race card.

MidnytRain2373d ago

Technically, Japanese is her ethnicity, not her race.

ATi_Elite2372d ago

He's talking about her contacts.

It's a fad amongst J-pop youngsters to wear those funky contacts.

specialguest2373d ago

Her eyes looks that way because she's wearing big eye contact lenses. These are popular amongst the j-pop and Japanese cosplay scene.


lashes2ashes2373d ago

That's good. I just was wondering because he did not really give much to tell if he was talking about big anima eyes or the fact she is Asian.