Hell's Highway PS3, Far Cry 2 and EndWar delayed in Europe

Ubisoft has today revealed its highly anticipated Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway will be released across Europe on PlayStation 3 in March 2008, a month later than the planned February release for the Xbox 360 and PC versions.

The news comes from the publisher's latest release schedule which also reveals a month delay for Far Cry 2 on PC - now scheduled for March- and a March date for its new franchise Tom Clancy's End War.


Correction: Tom Clancy's EndWar is not delayed but dated.

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RadientFlux3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

Good news on Hell's Highway... (not on the PS3 delay) but that the game is this close to being released.

Besides with the amount of games being released in February an extra month isn't that big of a deal

solar3935d ago

ok, um Far Cry 2 is next march?! did i read that right? that game looks amazing. maybe ill have to upgrade the PC sooner than later

lynx1halo3935d ago

will look like a big ol sack of AS$ now compared to COD4 ....TRUTH

Killjoy30003935d ago

when is hells highway coming out anyways?

DEADEND3935d ago

I guess HELL'S HIGHWAY will be coming on time in the NA for the PS3.

jackdoe3935d ago

Don't know. Maybe after all that backlash from the AC PS3 release, UBI is actually taking time to release a quality, polished product for the PS3?

mesh13935d ago


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