The Best and Worst of 2011's Special Editions

GP: "Year in and year out, gamers are flooded with enough games to satiate people with even the most eclectic palettes. Now that we have set 2011 in our collective rear view mirror and engaged in everlasting debates comparing games unlike one another, at least one thing is certain: this year welcomed a copious amount of quality titles, many of which were simultaneously released with their own Limited and Collector's Editions despite continued economic woes for many game companies and consumers.

The bulk of consumers are usually content with the actual video game itself, but for those who wish to celebrate their fandom with trinkets and digital content, these special editions can be great additions to a collection. Sadly, special editions are like the games themselves- significantly varied in both quality and value. So which special editions were the best of 2011 (or the best individual pieces) and which were best left behind?"

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rrquinta2344d ago

Interesting idea. I wish we could get the golden nunchuck here like you can in Japan.

JohnApocalypse2344d ago

the only special edition I bought last this year (Well, one that cost more) is the Deus Ex Augmented edition. Only 10 quid more

brettyd2344d ago

thats my favorite special edition this year, simple nice packaging. I don't need toys or figurines just give me a nice case.

Fatty2344d ago

It's too bad the author didn't mention the CE for The Witcher 2. It had so many things in it (huge art book, dice & cards, coins, DLC, papercraft) and a stone bust of Geralt, not just a plastic statue. Other than that it was a decent list.

Hassassin2344d ago

Yea, my thoughts exactly

Brownghost2343d ago (Edited 2343d ago )

so worth the money and better than a dragon statue

Fatty2343d ago

It definitely is worth the price. I buy a lot of CEs and it's probably my all-time favorite in terms of the total package. My only qualm with it was the plastic they use to hold the stuff in the box was cracked when I got it (and given the weight, I'm not surprised it happened). Other than that, yeah, wonderful extras that run the gamut in a nice looking box for an already great game. Can't beat that.

JohnkyKong2343d ago

The Witcher 2 CE was very nice for the price, but I had a similar issue to the packaging that Fatty mentioned. I had a broken bust in one and decimated plastic in the second. It took three, but I finally got one that was not flawed. The most impressive object from W2 CE was definitely the bust, a very non-game oriented feel to it. Was definitely on the fence as to whether this was a shipping or packaging issue, but leaning towards the latter.

Only one other CE arrived broken this year, though... so it definitely left a bit of a soured taste. Either way, the contents definitely warranted the cost and was a much better deal than most *peers at Saints Row 3*

GraveLord2344d ago

I'm pretty happy with my MW3 collector's edition. I'm probably not planning on buying this years COD so getting all that DLC for a huge discount is a huge plus.