Jaffe: Twisted Metal "About 1,000 Times Better" Than TM Black

PSX Extreme - The comparisons are probably inevitable, despite the decade-long gap.

We haven't seen a Twisted Metal on consoles since Twisted Metal: Black rocked our socks back in 2001. And with David Jaffe and Co. ready to launch the reboot (let's face it; that's what it is) on February 14, it's a hot topic of conversation at Jaffe's Twitter page.

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Virtual_Reality2044d ago

Just saying is better than previous TM's is enough for me to buy the game.

CarlitoBrigante2044d ago

Twisted Metal Black will be included in TM Limited Editions!

princejb1342043d ago

wow if twisted metal black was epic i could imagine how awesome this one is gonna be

Silly gameAr2044d ago

I can't wait to get back into Twisted Metal. Something tells me that LA Skyline will be my favorite map.

colonel1792044d ago ShowReplies(2)
Lirky2044d ago

Gameplay will be 1,000 times better than tmb but the story tmb probably has the better story ;)

SoapShoes2043d ago

Have you seen anything about the story or have you been living under a rock? TMB had a very basic, shallow story. While most of them were funny to watch, they didn't go very in depth.

Vynzent2043d ago

Uhm, did YOU ever play TMB?
None of the stories were funny, and weren't supposed to be.

TMB had very deep stories, not shallow.

I think you mean TM4... which had funny stories that all in all were crap. Same with TM3, crap stories.

SoapShoes2042d ago

They were funny to me in just how twisted they were. Sweet Tooth's story had some funny lines in it just because it was such a crazy thing to say.

As for the deepness... They were deeper than previous TMs but still not very deep. Intro was pretty much the same with everyone in the asylum and only three cutscenes total. It's not like Uncharted or anything...

Besides everyone knows this game will have a deeper story than Black and probably better as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.